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  1. If the above doesn't solve the issue, you probably need to reinstall the Windows drivers. This should be in the manual, if not, contact Barb and she'll get you thru it.
  2. The file types that can be imported into Quilt Path are CMD, CPQ, CSV, DXF, HQF, QLI, TAP, TXT, XY, Qdata. Never having used Illustrator, I can't speak to that end. Since the QP software can be installed on a computer that is not attached to a long arm, you might want to check with the person you are renting from about using that since there is usually some cleanup involved when importing from other software. Also, virtually all QP discussion has moved to Facebook so I wouldn't expect too much feedback here. Unfortunately, the FB group is limited to owners. You might try searching for QP pattern vendors and contacting their designers directly. Good Luck
  3. If you can duplicate the settings for the panto - height and width - from the original and then match the start point for the row you're trying to complete, you should be able to get where you're trying to go using the repair pattern commands of trace and nudge.
  4. Definately sounds like a driver issue. The best thing to do for the long haul is to get onto the Facebook page. Not only is there an anchored post by Dawn at the top that addresses the Windows 10 upgrade and drivers problem, but now that is the best place to go for news and help. I was going to try and post Dawn's PDF file here but that doesn't seem possible. If Facebook is not an option for you, let me know and I'll email it to you. If you just just recently upgraded to Win 10, you'll want to go thru the entire procedure for all the recommended tweaks plus the driver reinstallation. John Trundle jtrundle1@gmail.com
  5. Also, you'll want to check out http://www.threadwaggle.com/ It is by far the best source for QP training I've found on the web, or anywhere.
  6. Hello Caroline, The QP Facebook group is classified as 'secret' and won't show up in a search. It's only available to QP owners. You should email Barbara Mayfield - info@tmequilting.com - and request an invitation. She responded to mine within a couple of hours. It's a good idea since all of the activity with Quilt Path seems to have shifted from here to there.
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