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  1. Spi-Cap

    Grease or Oil

    Thank-you Dawn. I was just concern about the black stuff as this is the first time it has appeared. I have had my machine since 2001.
  2. Spi-Cap

    Grease or Oil

    Thank-you for your reply Bonnie, but, No, it is not the needle bar. I will try to explain this better. I took the side plate off of the left side. When looking in the box, from right to left: you have needle bar, then the hopping foot on the bottom, then the hand wheel, then the long rod behind the hand wheel that goes down to the bottom with a curly spring on the bottom - that is the bar that has that black stuff on it, does not have a wick to oil. I never oil that bar, only oil the wicks and am careful that I don't over oil it.
  3. Spi-Cap

    Grease or Oil

    Inside the front box where the hand wheel is there is grease or oil on the sleeve/rod that has the spring on the bottom. When I wipe it with a cloth it just smears and it is black. It seems to start from the locking collar on the sleeve and oozes down the rod and splatters on the side and bottom of the box. Is this normal, can I still use the machine. It is running okay. I have not phone in as Iam not home during the day.
  4. I did turn the machine off. The flywheel will not move. I think I need to remove the finger as I can see the needle and it is in the wrong place. But I cannot get that darn screw loose. I also removed the bobbin case. Thanks for your reply. I was just about finished with this quilt and this had to happen. I suppose I'll have to wait till morning and phone APQS.
  5. My needle is stuck between the finger and hook assembly. I was quilting, stop the Millie...the needle started to go down and at the same time I moved the machine. I don't want to put a hole in the quilt and of course it has to be in the middle. How do I get the needle out. I was going to remove the finger but the screw must be glued in because I can't move it. Help! I took the side panel off and still couldn't move the flywheel. So I took the little screw off that holds the needle in place. Then I got the needle nose pliers and push up on the whatever its called that holds the needle, it moved it up enough to clear the needle and I pulled the needle out with the pliers. Put a new needle in, checked the timing and everything is running good, and no hole in the quilt.
  6. My last issue was very late. The July issue was early, got mine Friday 11.
  7. I could not live without 3 things: my Towa Gauge, Zippers-have 3 sets, and a 3 inch star screwdriver. The Towa Gauge has solved most of my tension problems. I take the quilt off with the zippers on, if I missed a spot I can put it back on again. The 3" star screwdriver is just the right size for removing the screws on the plate under the needle and the one over the bottom cutter. I have the Hartley Fence -don't use it, got the circlelord and that is a lot easer to use. Never heard about the Topper before, must look into that.
  8. No one has mentioned this one 'So, what's your Point.' A friend asked me a question, I answered her and she says, 'So what's your Point.' She is always saying that and it really gets to me. She is moving to another neighbourhood [6 miles]next month and I told her to take her "So whats your Point' with her.
  9. Spi-Cap

    My NewToy

    I purchased the circle lord and I am enjoying it so much. Did a big quilt with the heart template. Customer was very pleased that the hearts in the blocks were all the same size and fit evenly. Did up a sample with the double spiral and some circles. It is so nice to do circles that come right back to were you started. Been playing around with the other templates seeing what kind of designs I can get. Took my sample to LQS and now have 3 quilts to do with the spiral. Sure wished I had gotten the Circle Lord sooner. I am off to play with my new toy.:cool:
  10. Sure glad I came on to-day and read Linda in Ramonas post. I was having the same problem. Didn't happen on all the quilts just some. I had my zippers zip together that the backing goes on and the left side was not straight, pulling more to the front. Was going to straighten the canvas today but decidec to come here and see if anyone else was having the same problem. Read Sherry's reply, went and checked my poles and sure enough I was out. Fixed that and now my zippers zip toghether are straight. I was not looking forward to straightening the canvas again. Thank you Linda for posting this, and Thank you Sherry you saved me alot of work. I never would of thought to check the poles. I must come on here more often. Right now I have alot of reading to catch up on.
  11. I was wondering how you get the wrinkles and fold marks out of the package batting. Lately my customers have been bringing this batting. It is usaully 15" wider than the backing, so I cut the end off that has the most wrinkles so the width is even with the backing. But now I have one that is the same width as the backing and has lots of wrinkles and creases in it.
  12. The problem I have with my fence is the bar with the holes, it slants down and the pin does not stay in. The pin does not reach some of the holes. Is there a way of making that hole bar straight so the pin will stay in? I have never been able to make circles with my fence. My Harley Fence is all gray with the red handle brake in front. I have a Millie. BTW the holey bar is straight, it just slants downwards when it's all together, making it useless as the pin won't stay in or reach the holes. Hope there is a simple way of fixing this. Have a quilt that I want to do circles on.
  13. Well, I just learnt something new, had to go look on my Millie to see if it had the white tabs. It has 4 and I never notice them. My Hartley base fits nice and snug, the only time it flips is when I press to hard, and that is usually at the end of the quilt as I'm anxious to get done.
  14. Oh, I just took a peek at your book and that is what I need to help me do the feathers. I need to see how it is done. I want to do feathers so badly. My drawing on paper and practise on muslin looks like something else but not feathers, they are not going the right way. I ordered the book and now can't wait for it to come. I have learned alot from your posts and I know your book will help me. Thanks Sherry.
  15. Thanks Judy for your reply. I used the 3.5 and Aurifil verg. blue/yellow on top and Aurifil slate blue in bobbin. It's an Irish chain quilt with lots of seams. The flannel backing had a seam down the middle. That is why I was undecided what needle to use. I marked on the pattern where the seam lined up and just went slower at that spot. The quilt is finished, no thread breaking or skipped stitches. Don't know why I worry so much about doing the batiks quilts. "Kazz" handles the batiks better than I.