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  1. Ah that makes sense! Thanks, it was the one thing I didn't have an explanation for. Cheers, Pat...
  2. Other than the obvious difference in size, what are the differences/advantages between the two different bobbins? Why is the L Bobbin called the Smart Bobbin? Does it do something the Big Bobbin (M) does not? Cheers, Pat...
  3. Hello, I've been quilting for 8 years and love it, except finish stitching in a straight line! I'm am totally ready to get a LAQ and have spent a lot of time looking at various brands and have learnt allot about the features and technology available. Hands down, the machine for me is a Millie, well if I could afford one that is! Having said that, one of the features that nobody mentioned here that really interests me was the ability to lock the wheels to do straight lines! Yes after complaining about quilting in straight lines, that is one of the features I really like about the Millie. I'm working on a queen size quilt right now and getting it to fit inside the 9.5inch throat of my sewing machine is a real pain and I'm not overly pleased with the results. I like to use diamond patterns on certain quilts cause they look really nice that way. The other feature I really like is the top tension bar on the deluxe table. That just makes so much sense to me. Cheers, Pat...
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