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  1. Oh, I am so sorry for you and this family for their loss.....
  2. Nigel...that's exactly what I did! I watched the timing video several times before I worked on her for the first time. I was away all week at a Retreat, so I had time in the evening to watch, and watch again .... Thanks! Donna
  3. I am so pleased--watched the APQS video on timing to see how to simply adjust the Needle bar height --that was what I thought might be the problem--TA DA! That's all it was! Fixed Millie yesterday, making this adjustment. Now to get busy and get quilting....
  4. Thanks for feedback, Patty Butcher, my APQS rep, called me, sent photos back and forth, showing my needle at its lowest point in the bobbin area. She sent me HER photo and there is no way my needle is down that far (no wonder it's not picking up the bobbin thread!). I am watching the timing video this weekend, as we both feel that when the ruler jumped (didn't damage needle or ruler) it may have hit needle screw and may have pushed the needle bar up a bit. So I am going to hopefully get it fixed before I go off to my Retreat on Monday. Thanks everyone for suggestions, and Patty is an awesome dealer--I'll post when it is fixed (I hate rulers--I'm just gonna stick to my INTELLIQUILTER! )
  5. I am new using my 2008 Millie. Been performing beautifully. I struggled with another longarm for 3 yrs, so glad to have an APQS. I am playing today, for the first time. Going along fine, used a ruler for a bit and oops, hit it. No damage to needle, but I changed it. No damage to ruler. Took out L bobbin case, cleaned with air and card under the outside spring. Still nothing. I took out case, put needle down into lowest position and it seems to be fine, looks like 1/16th " showing into the place it should be. Put in new bobbin too. I'm hoping I don't have to do thr dreaded re-time? ?? Thanks for any additional suggestions I might have overlooked. Donna
  6. Thanks to everyone for the welcome. ...am looking forward to having her set up and my IQ re-installed so I can PLAY!
  7. My Handiquilter is sold and leaving to go to her new home this afternoon (thanks to posting on this Forum!) And my 2008 Millie is here! Whoo hoo! Anxious to try her out, and get my Intelliquilter re-installed on Millie. Quilts await! Love this forum..
  8. I believe she is sold, pending pickup on 3/7/17. If for any reason it doesn't go thru, I will let you know. Thanks so much for your interest!!!
  9. Hope I am doing this correctly - I am posting 3 photos of my Avante. I am sorry to part with her, but I want to get a larger machine!
  10. Thanks for inquiries. ...I have forwarded photos to both!
  11. Asking $6,000. Hernando, FL (between Crystal River and Inverness). Lightly used 3 yr old, HandiQuilter Avante (18" throat). Stitch regulated. Came with a 12 ft frame, but is currently set up to 8ft. to fit in my spare bedroom!. (Allows me to quilt 76" on the 8ft frame! ). This is a wonderful, easy to operate machine. Performs consistently with lovely stitches. Used it very lightly the last couple of years due to health reasons. It has been meticulously maintained. I really enjoy using her! MANY extras included: HQ clip on light, heavy duty bobbin winder (and bobbin cases), manual, Ruler base, Micro Handles, Super leader, (and leaders are ready for Leader grips or Red snapper systems). Laser light on back, of course, for pantographs. All quilting feet will be included (easy change): Open Toe, Glide foot, Echo feet, Couching feet. About a $100 worth of pre-wound Magna Delights bobbins (Glide thread), size M bobbins. Many pantos purchased in last 2 yrs, will consider selling at 1/2 price. Photos are available via email. Purchaser responsible for take down, pickup, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs.
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