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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Neher-in-law5 in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    Maybe she realized that she could only blame herself for her choices and the difference between her expectations and the great work you did.  Sorry this happened to you.
    Hopefully she will realize that you did a great work and will call to tell you that after she straightens out.  I sure hope so.
    I did my first real client quilts a couple weeks ago and after delivery (while we sat and visited for an hour and a half about our kids and quilting) she called me a couple days later to tell me she finally had a chance to spread the two quilts out on the bed they were so pretty.  I thanked her for even thinking to call and tell me that.  It sure made me feel good about the work.  I hope your customer can do the same.
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Cagey in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    I guess she will be done quilting with your on number 6.  I for one would say "no thank you" if she should ask you to quilt for her in the future.  There is no reason to work for someone that is not appreciative of you artistry.  
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to ffq-lar in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    It's human nature to let one nasty incident overshadow hundreds of happy interactions. You have my sympathy and a hug from Washington. This has happened to me a few times, but never as blatant as this. If she isn't old enough to be losing her filters due to dementia, cut her loose. If she calls, remind her that she seemed unhappy the last time and perhaps she might search for another longarmer more to her liking. Be sweet, matter-of-fact, and don't let her suck you in again. It's such an ego-blow when they don't love what you do. You offered a fix and she declined. It still stings, but you keep doing you, sweet Shana!
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to quiltmonkey in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    Yep! Thanks, ladies for validating my sad circumstance. I agree, that as we people who provide a service to customers, we do reserve the right to refuse that service to anyone we wish. If she's not happy with me, fine. Go find someone else to be miserable to. I don't need that in my life. I'm too busy to be subjected to undeserved cruelty. I'll take a pass on this "Debby Downer" - she can go be mean to someone else. 
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to LibbyG in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    I just had a new customer, but I've known her for years, bring me three quilts.  The first was the baby quilt MOMMY AND ME, the second was a 3 D pinwheel quilt called, simply pinwheel again?  No way to do a pantograph around all those pinwheels, the third quilt was a large 3D bowtie quilt.  There were 96 blank blocks, six inches, where she wanted a feather wreath with the center unquilted so she could sew something there. She wanted the pinwheels blocks to have quilting in the flat space.  I gave her quotes for all three quilts and she kept saying, OH, it doesn't matter.  I ended up charging her 3 cents an inch for all the free motion quilting.  As we know, it was a bargain. 
    When I called her to pick up the quilts, she just had knee surgery so she sent her husband.  My sister had a frozen loaf of banana bread to give her.  When her husband came, I could tell he was upset with the price, but he didn't say anything.  I still had another quilt to do for her and he asked for it back.  She never called to thank us for the bread or to comment on the beautiful quilting job. It was upsetting to me and took me a week to get over it.  But all my friends kept telling me it was a bargain and she didn't deserve a refund.  I just realized I couldn't control her reaction, but I could control mine. We had talked about entering her quilts in the upcoming quilt show and she was excited about it.  But I just left it go.
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to AnnP in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    Yes. Let it go! When we keep that ugly resentfulness in us, it only hurts us. Like LibbyG said We cant control people only how we deal with it!
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to mamu in My very first RUDE customer and I've been quilting for 11 years!   
    You know 'It takes all kinds'...   I wouldn't quilt for her again.  No one needs negativity directed at them.  
    I have to relate an incident that happened to me.....    I had (note I said had) a client that I quilted several quilts for.  She called me one day asking all sorts of questions on borders.  I spent some time with her helping her out with suggestions and the application process.  So, we set up a day and time for her to come over and leave her quilt.  Day comes and I am in my busy time with several quilts to do.  I stayed downstairs waiting for her to arrive. My quilting studio is upstairs and I can not hear the front door when I'm waiting for her.  Our agreed time was for 1:45 I decide to go do some quilting, but still trying to listen for the front door.  When it was 2:45  I sent her a text message asking if we were still on for today's drop off.  I got a response from her at 4:30pm  saying "I think I'll pass"  then went on saying she might have another quilt at a later time.  Not only did I feel the response was rude, but the fact that she didn't contact me prior to let me know she wouldn't be by was rude.  Then I find out that she had been talking to a local quilt shop and the gal there said she would quilt her quilt for her...she decided to give it to her instead.  So, next time she contacts me to quilt for her I will be letting her know "I think I'll pass"
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    RosemaryJ08 got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Giraffe quilts finally done updated with pics of the twins   
    Absolutely Adorable.. I would hug and kiss them too  
    May I ask , did you use all flannels?
    I'm new, but have use the Quilters Dream Wool, and I LOVE IT!
    Thanks for sharing, and I am so happy both twins are doing great!
    Happy creating!
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to PennyQuilts2 in Supreme Grand Champion Winner   
    A client had me custom quilt her  "Thistle Pod" quilt top for her.  She entered it in our county fair and was awarded "Supreme Grand Champion". This entitles the quilt to represent our county at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show in Harrisburg.   The judge loved the quilting.  

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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Quilting Heidi in Giraffe quilts finally done updated with pics of the twins   
    These are pics from their birthday.  


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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Quilting Heidi in Giraffe quilts finally done updated with pics of the twins   
    Here are a few of the twins with their quilts giving them hugs and kisses.  

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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Quilting Heidi in Giraffe quilts finally done updated with pics of the twins   
    Hi Rosemary,
    I used minkie (silly spell check and I didn't catch it) for the giraffe and the rest are just cottons.  QD wool is pretty much all I use any more.  It provides great loft and is so cozy.  Even my hubby noticed the difference.  
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Quilting Heidi in Giraffe quilts finally done updated with pics of the twins   
    I have finally finished quilts for Landon and Scarlett.  Can you believe they are a year old already?   They are such good babies.   They both love their quilt and give them kisses and hugs all the time.  Lol.  Landon likes to pet his giraffe.   These quilted up really quickly.  My goal was to keep them soft and snuggley.  

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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to quiltmonkey in HELP! Thread breakage ruining my quilt.   
    I have found that if the thread "bounces" in the tension spring/knob as you pull on it (testing the tension - while threaded through the needle) that the "bouncing" actually causes issues. So, you should tighten until the bouncing on tension spring stops and the spring stays somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00 on the clock as you pull the thread to test the tension. That seems to work for me!   I usually thread through the top and the bottom tension loops. In general, over the years, I've discovered that "TOP THREAD NOT TIGHTENED ENOUGH" is about 90% of the cause of thread issues. 
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Cagey in HELP! Thread breakage ruining my quilt.   
    I am glad things worked out for you.  If you don't have one, get a small notebook and write down the thread used and how you ran the thread.  This way you can repeat your results without issue, by referencing your notes in the future.  Also, record the fabric/batting, so you have a good idea how to handle them if it is not your normal configuration.  It is amazing how quickly we forget the details after a few weeks of not doing things.
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    RosemaryJ08 got a reaction from Gail O in Small projects   
    Thanks Ann and Kathy,
    That is what I figured I was going to have to do
    Thanks for the response and I love both projects, there are so many ideas popping thru my brain!!  I already had placemats in mind.. oh boy, now I can add big Christmas stockings for the Grandkids!!
    I want to do so much and seems all the other projects in life  (especially summer time)  get to take precedence over sewing! 
    I really can't wait to try this.. at least I will be able to play with my new Lucey with smaller projects, just so that I can "play" and not have to wait until I finish a whole big quilt.
    Happy Quilting and Thank you  
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Sharon Deming in Long arm supplies   
    Hi Patty, welcome to the forum! what brand of longarm do you have? Your best source for feet would be from your manufacturer or dealer. There are lots of places to find other supplies- I'd start with googling what sort of accessory you are looking for. I found a highly versatile plain ruler from Quilted Joy, and my ruler table is a Hartley that fits my APQS machine. I really like my clamps - Grip-Lite Longarm Side Clamps. I got mine at Nancy's Notions, and they are available at a number of internet suppliers. I also use zippers on my leaders to make loading and unloading easy. They are available from the Quilting Connection online.
    Happy Quilting!
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Kwiltr in Small projects   
    Hi Rosemary.  I made some placemats for our son's new house and wanted to quilt them on my Lenni just to see how I would go about it.  I only got my machine in the fall.  So here's a few pics of what I did, very similar to Ann's response, but I wanted each placemat back to be different.  So I made up each individual backing making them just a little bit larger than the tops to give me wiggle room and then pieced it with scraps top and bottom to attach it to the leaders. Before loading it I placed the batting and placemat tops where I wanted them and pin basted them on my ironing board surface to make sure they would end up in the right place.  It sounds tedious and but it worked really well!

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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Ann Wight in Small projects   
    I did several Christmas stockings all at once.  You can see I used different squares of batting....only because I had some scraps, otherwise, I would have put a whole length of batting. 

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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to IBQLTN2 in Passing on the quilting bug   
    Grand daughters visiting from Atlanta and they wanted to learn to sew.
    I gave them each a block of the month from left over guild projects.  They each made their blocks and chose a fabric for the border and backing.  They quilted the block on the long arm and then stitched it together with the serger.  So they learned to use 3 machines.  We are working on dress patterns now.

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    RosemaryJ08 got a reaction from patty123 in My Accomplished Quilting :)   
    Hi Everyone,
    I want to start out with Thanking Everyone for their tips and links to help me Learn all I can about Needles, Batting, and Variegated thread, so that I wouldn't disappoint  my NEW LUCEY!
    Our Daughter said she wanted a Quilt that looked like an Eclipse, and she wanted it in Florida Sunset, Earthtones, etc... and she wants it PUFFY (Comforter style)
    I have spent the last 9 months, planning this quilt for our Daughter.. First I had to make a template for the pattern.. then the hard part.. NEVER WORKED WITH BATIKS BEFORE.
    Everyone I talked to said,, just sew them together and they all match.. well, being the old fashioned "match" fabrics.. I just couldn't do it.. I procrastinated on my design wall for MONths!! Move this one.. move that one., Oh, now I lost the Eclipse.. it was a struggle!!  But , never give up.
    After finally getting the top all pieced and with all your help a searching everywhere that I could search.. it was time to take the plunge and see if I could actually do this.
    .. I searched everywhere for a Panto that was "open" and didn't have any success, so I had to create my own.. Big Swirls and loops so that my quilting would hopefully end up PUFFY.
    So.. here you are.. Batiks top and Backing.. 2 layers of batting, Variegated Superior Top thread , Super Bobs in the bobbin.. Never had the thread break one time.. and Lucey performed like a Pro.
    For a Newbie, I am very happy with my first quilting.  

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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to connieb in Ughh - help please - stain - update   
    It is horrifying.  Was so glad it came out.  And my customer was so gracious about it.
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to ffq-lar in Questions on Quilt Backing   
    I wonder if they want three pieces for the back because they have it figured so the embroidered designs miss the seams that way. Basting it on the longarm will be much easier than pinning. There are several methods, but use a thicker and slippery thread (like a poly) in a contrasting color. I'd remove the stitches after hooping but before embroidering. The stitches will remove very easily. Here's my map for basting---a fake grid with lines about four inches apart. This allows you to avoid long verticals. Don't plan to baste on the diagonal. 

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    RosemaryJ08 got a reaction from quilterkp in Batting Question - Warm and Natural   
    Very interesting... 
    Mary Beth,   will you please go a step or two further and tell me which Battings you do not want in your house?? 
    I certainly do not want to buy a big roll of something and then find out it isn't a preferred batting.  I am new to all of this and have used the Quilters Dream and love it.. I would rather pay more and be happy than buy a roll of grief for less
    Thank you for your information
    Have a Wonderful Day!
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    RosemaryJ08 reacted to Mary Beth in Batting Question - Warm and Natural   
    When I was in business I only used Quilter's Dream Bat and Hobbs. Back then I had a tax ID letter so bought it wholesale. Now that I am a regular citizen of the US of A, I buy those brands when I can get them on sale. I have used Warm and Natural and have not had any problem. It is  not my favorite, but there are battings that I do not want in my house, let alone on my LA.