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  1. I am doing my part to help you win, I haven't entered since I bought my Lucey! It would be nice, but this way I work on my generosity to others!!!
  2. I use a Pfaff Sensation as my main machine, but did get a Pfaff Passport 2.0 when my previous second machine was not able to be fixed. I take the Passport when I am going places. It works great and is easy to carry. I also got a Stanley Fat Max tool box with a couple latching sections to transport it and projects. The Fat Max holds the Passport (or a Featherweight) with space for fabric and supplies in the main box that also has a telescoping handle and larger wheels (that don't get stuck in cracks or bog down in soft ground). I can put more supplies or projects in the upper boxes that snap on secure or just not take one or both. Works really great for me.
  3. I have a 2015 Lucey but don't see any switch or black lights on her.
  4. Those are interesting. One of the nice features is that they can easily be moved when needed. Thanks for showing us.
  5. I am on both the forum and FB page. If I am looking for real advice or answers that will apply to my machine or problem I know that the people on this forum will have relatable advice or ideas. I think there are more want-to-bes on FB although many knowledgeable dealers/users have been on there too. Another reason I come here for solid help is that all posts are able to be seen here. FB tends to select what comes through my feed and I don't have time to check the actual pages of every group, business, or friend and family that I want to keep up with. I also like the way these responses are able to be followed and found without multiple clicks just to read more of the responses. Here the posts are read and there is confirmation of what others have posted previously. I do wish this was as easy to access as FB. My computer takes forever to open lately and there are more hoops to get to here on the iPad or phone. Great question, thanks for the discussion.
  6. Peddlepusher, I am glad you are having a good time with your George. I had a George for a while and enjoyed the work he could do. I did sell him so I could get a frame machine because of body strain to move large quilts and because of an eye condition I have. Now, due to a business merger and loss of our income I am glad I have Lucey on the frame because I am needing to begin quilting for others. Each of us are so different. The sit-down machines definitely have their place, but so do the frames.
  7. Shana and the others have given good advise. The only thing I would add is to consider getting the quality machine that you can have in case you need to start earning home income due to business changes. I got my 2015 Lucey in June 2015, and was able to pay it off while working at another income job (we are self-employed). This summer our distributor pulled the product I was making and we ended up without any income to maintain our home and life. Because I already had Lucey I am now in the process of starting a quilting business while hubby works away from home. There are some issues that make it wise for me to be the one working from the home and him being the one going out. So get the right one for you but look to the benefits that you might need in the changes in the future.
  8. Thanks for all the encouragement and support. I was able to hand the quilt off to one sister to deliver to Japan in a week when we took the previous quilt down to FL to celebrate another sister (early birthday, 6 months early!) with the quilt we made for her. I will need to post the pictures when I get on the other devices.
  9. I was able to finish the quilt---King Tut to the rescue! I flipped the pigtails (had used emery on them too) and checked the screw heads with nylon and emery. I may have had the sandwich too tight, but was able to do the whole quilt with King Tut without any breaks, just a funny catch when the magna bobbin was getting low. I figure the sandwich tightness and winter humidity is probably the culprit this time. Thanks for the help.
  10. I am trying to get a panto done on a deadline quilt and the thread keeps breaking. Have the same magna glide bobbin in with all breaks, the bobbin thread doesn't break or fray. Seems to be a good bobbin. I have slightly changed the tension on the bobbin and it seems good. I started out with Magnifincgo charcoal gray thread and had two or three breaks immediately with the design. I didn't even get through 6 inches of pattern. Took that out and started again with Rainbows, a cone I have used before with good results. Still getting the same fray/breaking. I have changed needles twice, checked for burrs on the needle hole in the plate, around in the bobbin case and assembly, changed bobbin cases (no spring in either case) and used static guard. I have just finished a king sized DWR with no fraying/breaking problems and another king size many pieces kit quilt. I have run a piece of pantyhose through all thread openings and holes that I can find, it was oiled/cleaned before starting. What else can I try? I had hoped to have this quilt done by Monday night to give to my sister to take to Japan. Edited: The fray/break always is right at the needle plate/bobbin length when I untangle it back in place. Thanks for any advise and help.
  11. I had a George for a few years with the future dream of a frame machine. A couple years ago I was at the MN Quilt Show in Duluth and ended up with Lucey. I had always figured that if life changed and I needed to support myself a quilting business would be my choice. This summer our income was taken away through a business merger so I am starting that quilting business. I am so glad I already had Lucey and some of the accessories that were nice to have available. It is all paid for so I don't have to go into debt more to pay bills on the business tools. Think ahead to your future, what do you want to be able to do? What do you want to have on hand to make that future more enjoyable? This worked out well for me since I am no longer driving due to a condition that keeps you safer on the road when I am not.
  12. What a good update on her. Your involvement with her has been so positive for her. Thanks for the update.
  13. When I had my George I got the regular Martelli rings and loved them.. They kept the quilt flat and moveable as needed. Only going on the borders vertically did I have a frustration with more hoop pushing on me than on the table, but they worked well. I also tried the Halo and that didn't work well at all. Gloves got too hot and created tension in my hands and body, the Martelli rings avoided all those issues.
  14. Heidi, how is Madison doing? I hope her life is treating her well and you get a chance to be a part of it.
  15. I have tucked them up under my Lucey on the file cabinets that were there------until last week when the poly batting got wrapped around the bobbin hook assembly! Not a recommended practice now and new assembly, retiming and two days later. I will still see what other option I can do. Number one will be to re arrange the room and try to sort so there is more space. I hope you find a good solution.
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