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  1. 2012 Millie- quilt glide bliss rails automatic fabric advance hydraulic lift 12 foot table 50+pantographs with organizer binder for quick viewing rulers - 22 and counting ruler base turbo bobbin winder tons of thread - 100+ spoils of assorted colours and brands stencils quilting books for free motion ideas acrylic sheet for auditioning patterns on quilt 3 rolls of batting- Hobbs 80/20; Hobbs wool; quilters dream cotton Ott lite - hand held leader grips 16,000 Canadian. Pickup in Calgary, Alberta
  2. Debbie - I marked approximate locations with a C for the main big scrolls so that they were centered and then the rest was done improv.
  3. Thanks everyone...you don't know how nice it is to have my own quilt!!
  4. so sorry about the water troubles! yikes! no fun at all.... I would raise the levelling bar if it is catching on your machine somehow. I know sometimes the leader gets caught/trapped stuck in between that bar and my machine sometimes if I don't completely advance the leader grips (when I am shorter on backing)
  5. I call myself the 'cobbler with no shoes' because I quilt for everyone else except me! So my goal was to make a quilt for our new house, our new bed.... I wanted calm neutral colours reminding me of sand or pebbles.....I made this quilt using the pattern "Sweet Garden" from Carolina Patchworks. I was intending to make the entire king size with this pattern - and I did. Then I hated it, so I chopped 2/3s of the pattern off and added white for some neutral breathing space. Simple quilting in between the blocks. And then I got carried away in the white. [
  6. it sounds like they might be getting caught on your machine as well - that's happened to me sometimes. I agree with the others - raise a thread or two that back bar and see if it helps.
  7. I have a T-Fal one that will. not. die. Seriously. I have dropped it from 6 feet high onto a carpeted over basement (concrete) floor. Everytime I drop it (I tangle on the cord) I think...this has got to be it. For sure! Nope...still keeps on ticking. I even have posted in this forum asking for iron suggestions for when it does die. and it still won't.
  8. Glad it's picking up for you - slow and steady. Your repeat customers will be telling their friends. And then someone will take a quilt you have done to their guild meeting - and then...you can't keep up! :-) It's all good!
  9. cpayne - there are some great posts about thread - if you do a search on 'thread' you will find more ideas! I have been messing around a bit with my combinations. I usually use Glide or Superior Magnifico as top thread and a pre wound bobbon = Wonderfil Decobob. Recently I have been using the superior super bobs and they rock. I find the shiny thread with a matt thread on bottom works really good for my tension (so far!) Also have done so fine top and bottom (wound myself) and that ran beautifully. It really is a big experiment!!!
  10. Someone had suggested Concepts to me - It is free or 2.99 for the version to upload your photos. You can even snap a photo with the software. It's awesome. Very user friendly from what I've done so far. no regrets on paying 2.99!
  11. Rita, I find the leadergrips pretty hard to snap on right now, and I know in time they will loosen/soften up, but if you have a tough time with strength/pain in your hands, they may give you trouble too.
  12. Angela, thank you for your tutorial on making the casings for the leadergrips. They helped alot. I tweaked it somewhat (read: too lazy to pin and make extra stitch lines) by just measuring and drawing a 1" line from the edge of my leader. I used that pencil line as my crease line. Then, using my clamps I straightened and stretched out the leader as much as I could, set my channel locks on and sewed along the edge of the leader now that it was folded up. (not along the crease line) The hopping foot gives me a natural 1/4", thereby making my casing now 3/4" Anyways, thanks for the tutorial, it was very helpful!!
  13. These are hilarious! You have clever plays on words... we need a thread for brainstorming real names, too! :-)
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