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  1. Lemon Tree Tami

    M bobbins

    I opted for the M bobbin on my Freddie since I knew that I'd be concentrating on a panto business. They're the aluminum ones through APQS. I've never had a tension issue with them at all. I wind my own bobbins and then do the bobbin test a la' Jamie Wallen from his YouTube video. I can stitch to the very last inch without problems at all. Love it! Most of my quilts take anywhere from 3 to 4 bobbins depending on the size of quilt and how dense the stitching is. Much nicer than having to change a bobbin 12 times each quilt IMHO. Now, if I were a custom quilter who had many different thread changes then an L bobbin might be a better option.
  2. Lemon Tree Tami

    Couching Foot for APQS?

    Myrna Ficken showed me how to couch using a matching thread or a monofilament. But it basically involved taking tiny zigzag stitches as you manually manipulated the yarn into place. It's doable that way but what I was intrigued by when I saw Karlee Porter doing it on her HandiQuilter was that she basically was just FMQ as normal and it held the yarn in place as she quilted. I don't recall a special spool holder for the yarn, just a skein of it laying loosely on the quilt top.
  3. Does anyone know whether the good folks at APQS plan on coming out with a couching foot? If so, when? I just saw that Gammill came out with one the other day and I've been wanting to play with one ever since I saw the one for HandiQuilter. Yes, I'm sure that it'll just be a gimmick foot, but it sure looks like a lot of fun.
  4. Lemon Tree Tami

    letterman jacket letter

    I would first fuse it to your quilt top. Then after you've quilted everything else ... take it to your DSM and hand-guide it stitch by stitch using a very large needle. You could do the same on your longarm but since you'll be turning the handwheel it's much easier to do that on the DSM. I had a tshirt quilt that used sweatshirts with similar applique letters. I ended up quilting around them but not through them since they were already appliqued to the sweatshirt material.
  5. Lemon Tree Tami

    Tried Three Longarms

    Go to the IntelliQuilter website and look at their tutorial videos. That'll give you an idea of how the program functions. I think that Quilt Path also has some videos on YouTube. That way you can be familiar with what both systems do before you go to try either of them out. But you can always decide later down the road. Not necessary on an APQS to decide up front.
  6. Lemon Tree Tami

    Tried Three Longarms

    I chose IntelliQuilter over Quilt Path because I wanted to have a no-sew zone feature which I have used quite a bit. At the time of purchase Quilt Path didn't have that feature and I'm not sure if they've come out with it yet or not. Also, for me, I loved being able to switch from computerized to FMQ with the push of a button to raise/lower the drive motors as opposed to walking around the back of the machine to release the belts. Both of those features made the IQ top for me. But it's truly a personal preference.
  7. Lemon Tree Tami

    Tried Three Longarms

    Also keep in mind that with an APQS you have the option of either going with Quilt Path or an IntelliQuilter for later if you do decide to go computerized.
  8. Lemon Tree Tami

    Drop Off and Pick Up

    Depends on the customer ... for the ones in Santa Cruz (which is 45 mins from my house) I pick up and drop off at the monthly quilt guild I attend or an hour earlier at the quilt shop that hosts the meetings. A few of my customers I go to their houses and the rest meet me at my local Starbucks which is less than 5 minutes from my house. My husband is ill so I stopped having people come to the house. Most of the LQS' near me also have longarms so that doesn't work to meet them there. I had an understanding with one LQS that doesn't have a longarm service. But the last time that I met a customer there the owner seemed to have forgotten that he gave me permission to meet there. It was a bit awkward so I decided not to go back. It's nice to be able to sit at a table in the Starbucks anyway. But I also do a lot of the prep work via email so I already know what their quilt looks like, etc.
  9. Lemon Tree Tami

    Is there a video for how to replace a hook assembly?

    Barb, Cagey, Nigel and Jim .. thank you so much for the words of encouragement and ideas for the videos. I think that once the new hook assembly gets here that I'll wait until my quilt queue is short so that I don't get frustrated if it takes me a few days to get it right. Yes, Jim, I do agree that timing my machine is a skill that I need to have. I've just been a bit afraid of messing up. :-)
  10. Lemon Tree Tami

    First time entering in a NJS

    Awesome quilts! I love the quilted detail that you added to the elephant background. It definitely elevated that design. Good luck and have fun!
  11. Lemon Tree Tami

    Quilting Payment

    PayPal has a new Pay Me invoice system where you email your customer the PayPal invoice. It's come in handy a few times now.
  12. Lemon Tree Tami

    Is there a video for how to replace a hook assembly?

    PS... I have a 'M' bobbin if that changes anything.
  13. So it looks like I need to replace my bobbin hook assembly. Last year I paid a tech to take a look at my Freddie to fix the thread shredding that I kept having when stitching from R to L. Turns out that I must have broken a needle that scarred the bobbin hook assembly. He took a file and gently filed it but the burrs were fairly deep. Since I'm constantly dealing with thread breaks when I stitch certain patterns that like to go from R to L (even when it's only a short 10" or so) I've decided that it's time to replace the entire hook assembly and start with new. (If the tech had the part last year I would have paid for it and have been done with it.) What I want to know is if there is a video that shows how to replace this. Also, does this mean that I'll have to retime the machine with the new part? Because my stitches are gorgeous and I don't want to mess with that if I can help it. Thanks. :-)
  14. I've had the pleasure of quilting a charity quilt top that will be sent to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild to hand out to the survivors, victims' families and first responders from this summer's terrorist attack in Florida. The request was for rainbow colored hearts so I jumped for joy when I discovered this perfect digital e2e design by Keryn Emmerson called Rainbow Hearts. It also stitched out beautifully and will be used again. I pieced the backing from two Northcott cheater panels with a solid blue.
  15. Lemon Tree Tami


    You're going to love Freddie. He's a wonderful quilting companion! I know that I love mine. :-)