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  1. My favorite ruler for George is the Line Tamer. It's used for creating straight lines and I use it a lot. The link below includes access to a short video that Patsy Thompson made about using this ruler. https://www.fourpawsquilting.com/pages/template.html Have fun with your George! He's awesome! Brenda
  2. Yes, there is a version for Mac.
  3. Judy, today I was quilting on MG (Mega-George) and I realized another important reason why I love using Sharon Schamber's basting method. I am doing more and more ruler work and the rulers just sit unimpeded on the basting thread. If I were using safety pins, I would need to remove all of the pins in the ruler's area, too.
  4. I, too, use the Sharon Schamber method and I have used it on all sizes of quilts. It always works. I love not using the safety pins and clamps. Good luck, Judy, in finding the method that works for you and that you feel most comfortable with!
  5. Delores, I suggest that you check out Patsy Thompson's blog. She has a George, although she also does a lot of her ruler work on a domestic machine. She has her own rulers, but she uses the Westalee rulers as well and would be a very good contact person about using them with George. http://blog.patsythompsondesigns.com/ Brenda
  6. APQS listened and really came through for quilters. Last week new feet were added to the online store and those feet make it possible for us to use rulers on all sides of the feet. For George they are the Saddle Shoe (open-toe) ruler foot and the True ¼ inch Platform (closed-toe) Ruler foot. I have my new feet and I love them!!! I couldn’t use rulers on the right side of the previous feet because the rulers would run into the slanted bar that connected the foot to the machine. The new feet have a bent shaft that attaches to the foot vertically so the ruler can now sit right next to the foot on all sides. In addition, it is so nice to have ¼ inch distance between the needle and the foot edges. Everything about the new feet is wonderful. The changes make a world of difference. Thank you, APQS! In addition, special thanks to Dawn Cavanaugh. When my new George foot kit arrived last Saturday, it had two Platform Ruler feet and no Saddle Shoe foot. I emailed Dawn and she wrote back that day saying that she would take care of it. Monday evening (Presidents’ Day) I received an email notification that a package was being sent to me and the Saddle Shoe foot arrived today (Wednesday). Wow! It means so much to know that we are listened to and that the APQS employees care about us. Brenda
  7. Welcome to your wonderful adventure with George, Delores! I, too, have a George and I baste all of my quilts using Sharon Schamber's method. I love it. I have used it on all sizes of quilts, with the largest being about 90 inches square. Brenda
  8. Oh my, Mary Beth and Oma! You crazy gals had me laughing out loud! Brenda
  9. brendasr8

    Spot On!

    Once again I was asked to create a mini-quilt for the silent auction at IQA's International Quilt Festival in Houston. Here is this year's creation. Its name is Spot On! and, with the exception of the binding, all of the fabrics either have dots/spots on them or I quilted them on. It was fun to make! Brenda
  10. Thanks, Jim, for doing all of the leg work on this and informing us. Really good info. I use Dream Wool a lot and feel even better about it now. Brenda
  11. I use 100 wt. silk from YLI and Superior Threads in the top and Bottom LIne in the bobbin.
  12. I have the pattern. Maybe someday I'll do it! I'm so impressed that you did! Brenda
  13. Congratulations, Heidi! Your quilts are spectacular! And thanks for sharing your process with us. Brenda
  14. Yes, absolutely, a glass of wine is in order! Congratulations! Brenda
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