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  1. Quilta93

    New Lenni

    Cute quilt! Enjoy your Lenni! Deb.
  2. Beautiful quilt, and you did an outstanding job quilting it!!! Deb.
  3. Quilta93

    Dresden Plate

    Beautiful quilt, and you did a wonderful job quilting it! Deb.
  4. Beautiful. And as said above I hope I’m still quilting at 93. Deb.
  5. Quilta93

    Two wallhangings

    Beautiful quilts, and you did a great job quilting them. Deb.
  6. Quilta93


    Cute quilt. It looks like it was fun. Deb.
  7. Quilta93

    Just got my Lenni

    Welcome and congratulations!! Have fun and enjoy!! Deb.
  8. A dealer I talked with said she used to take some tiny stitches, but they ended up working their way out, so she knots and burys her threads. I decided that wasn’t for me. I do not do show quilts. I take a few stitches in one direction then back over the stitches when I start and finish. Deb.
  9. Quilta93


    Sometimes one of the cabinets under my table gets moved a little and my machine gets caught up a little and it drags. Deb.
  10. Quilta93

    Three New Quilts

    I have a template to do the cable border, but haven’t tried it yet. I didn’t think I could do it free hand. I like the idea about loading 2 quilts at the same time. Deb.
  11. Quilta93

    A Day at the Zoo

    Cute quilt and great idea for quilting. Deb.
  12. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing your stories. Deb.
  13. Quilta93

    Sauder Village Quilt Show

    Cute quilt. Congratulations! Deb.
  14. Lin, I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Sending prayers your way. Deb.