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  1. Naw, Gator, I'm a tough old Duck! dbams: thanks, I appreciate it very much.
  2. Zeke, you will find the pace of life slow compared to CA. Housing is less costly, and everything else is higher. $4 and up, mostly about $6. for 20 % hamburger. That still blows my mind! Chickens are about the same as Ca., fish I don't know about., we love it, so when not able to go catch our own,we buy. Traveling , mercies, may it be safe and healthy., and welcome to HB2 city!
  3. I breakaduhfingers if anyone tries to take my Turbo. I was afraid I'd get my fingers in it when turning it on. Himself made a hook and attached it to a piece of 1" dowel. When I'm ready to turn it on, I put the hook end up, reach under and hook it then raise the hook. It made things so easy for me.
  4. Hi Cricket... where is that first quilt..?? LOL, j/k So happy for you... Heidi M and I chose almost the same colors for our quilt rooms. It is a blue with a touch of orchid in it. I find it very comforting and relaxing.. It seems easier to do what need to do.
  5. Heidi M please forgive my tardiness. I just saw that Landon is home. What a wonderful bit of news.. God loves him very much, and trusts all of you to raise him up well. Scarlett, also! How did they react when they first saw each other again? So very glad the valve is working so well. Will it have to be replaced as he grows? When you see Maddie give her a hug for me. She probably can use it.
  6. OK, I need to correct something I was told, I did not have the mrsa virus. I'm not even going to try to state what I had. A bad virus in any case, much like the msa. While I'm at it, Himself confessed he had been giving me false info abour our trip to Alaska, where we did what, etc. . Someone other than I "thought it would be funny". I apologize for all the wrong info I gave out.. lol Now I feel better.
  7. Congrats Chris. Come join this whacky bunch of women quilters and even more whacky bunch of men quilters.. lol no offfense meant folks !! just whacking around. lol
  8. Thanks Hieid, as of now, I'm getting butterflys In my stomach. rofl We have things to do and places to go, everyday between now and then, I'm trying to crochet dish cloths, not doing it very good, but it keeps my hands busy. I passed the Pre op with flying colors. Today I have the 6min walk test., don't know why they call it that when it takes half an hour lol ;o) He will fuse C1 thry T8..I will get a Buster Brown hair cut high on the back and let the hair grow in with the brace. They fitted me in the brace which I'll have to wear for 3 months, and I won't be able to nod or shake my head at all. It, goes from my jaw, down to mid chest, and in back from middle of head/and down , I think he said to about t11 or t12. I have to shower with the brace on. Living this way for 3 months is going to be a VERY DIFFERENT experience, and I WILL, WILL, do it. Christmas blessings to all, may it be Healthy and Safe. God Bless all, Rita
  9. Well, I have my pre surgery work up today, And if the surgery will go on.l l I'm feeling better all the time, and am still tiring much too soon. Lightning strike damage to my quilting computer and drive is Not getting fixed yet. They have had the machine for about a month now, can't get a reply to emails, phone messages returned. I'll not trust another small personally owned company with much money. The saga of things going bad, he had to replace the water heater, $800.00 I can't believe something that's not made to last more than 8 years, costs so much. We didn't pay over $250 for the last one. hee hee we had it 9 years. Pre-op today so heading out. Prayers and hugs to all,
  10. Thanks, Heidi... Prayers are always welcome, and freely given. what the twins do the first time they see each other again. I keep praying for Landon. I'd love to be there to see the twins when they first see each other again. Very precious moments I think. Hugs to all,
  11. Hi Cagey, No problem. Notice how the posts can seem to be other than what we mean? It can be mind boggling I didn't think you were mad or being mean. Just as I was, you were stating your opinion, and I didn't want things I said misunderstoood, so stated them differently. I do appreciate your caring and stating... LOL, lets just have fun, I'm feeling more clear headed today. I do have an a.m. Dr.appt. this morning, and that will give me time to finish the holiday letters to mail, and get in some gift making/sewing time.
  12. WOW! Terry, so Very Pretty. The only thing I could imagine were the Terri Twst outlined with a single row of feathers and echoed. I couldn't figure how to connect. Yours is SO much better!
  13. You folks go ahead and drool!! I ALREADY EAT THE PIE! Sure was good. (Burp) behind the hand. You have p lenty of room for drools.
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