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  1. Quilta93

    New Lenni

    Cute quilt! Enjoy your Lenni! Deb.
  2. Beautiful quilt, and you did an outstanding job quilting it!!! Deb.
  3. Beautiful quilt, and you did a wonderful job quilting it! Deb.
  4. Beautiful. And as said above I hope I’m still quilting at 93. Deb.
  5. Beautiful quilts, and you did a great job quilting them. Deb.
  6. Welcome and congratulations!! Have fun and enjoy!! Deb.
  7. A dealer I talked with said she used to take some tiny stitches, but they ended up working their way out, so she knots and burys her threads. I decided that wasn’t for me. I do not do show quilts. I take a few stitches in one direction then back over the stitches when I start and finish. Deb.
  8. Sometimes one of the cabinets under my table gets moved a little and my machine gets caught up a little and it drags. Deb.
  9. I have a template to do the cable border, but haven’t tried it yet. I didn’t think I could do it free hand. I like the idea about loading 2 quilts at the same time. Deb.
  10. Cute quilt and great idea for quilting. Deb.
  11. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing your stories. Deb.
  12. Lin, I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Sending prayers your way. Deb.
  13. When I was thinking about getting an APQS machine, I test drove a Millie without bliss. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t make round feathers. They were flat. My mid arm, which was heavier moved much smoother and my feathers were round. I went to a road show that had machines with the bliss tables and that made all the difference. I purchased a Millie with bliss. Deb.
  14. Congratulations and welcome. I have the M bobbin. On my previous mid arm machine I had an L bobbin. I prefer the M bobbin so I don’t have to change the bobbin so often. Someone here said she changed to the M bobbin and was able to do it herself. Deb.
  15. Congratulations on following your dreams and making them a reality! Deb.
  16. I went to MQX Thursday and Friday with a friend who had never been before. She said she’d go again next year with me.:) They had such amazing quilts! I went to 2 lectures. One by Judi Madden and one by Bethanne Nemish. I enjoyed both of them. I got some ideas to quilt a couple quilts and I’ve been paper practicing new feathers I learned and am looking forward to trying them out on some quilts. Deb.
  17. Eric, Thanks for the instructions and the link. I plan to try it with the next quilt. Deb.
  18. Your work is absolutely stunning!! Deb.
  19. Praise God! Wonderful to hear the good news. Deb.
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