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  1. Heirloom quilting......I had a real challenge with this quilt.  All of the blocks were hand embroidered and were quite thick in spots.  There were lots of French knots and the client wanted the words of a particular hymn in the sashings.  The sashings were linen and raveled very easily, so I serged the edges (no cutting) and that kept it stable enough to quilt without further fraying.  Since I do freehand work without a computer, this was a bit scary, but I finished it and the client was thrilled and tearful with the outcome. My client is the daughter of the embroiderer. 

    This will be a wedding gift for the client's granddaughter, and was embroidered by the recipient's great-grandmother who passed away some time ago. IMG_8039(Edited).jpg.93d78b753d821be833435b68dc6fa1f3.jpgIMG_8048(Edited).jpg.747c2ae84e4b77ca39366167523c10ec.jpg

  2. Thank you for the compliment quiltinforever!
  3. When I heard the news I contacted the magazine. I had a quilt featured in it in 2015 and asked for the same number of copies of that magazine issue as were left on my subscription. I wonder if some who have subscription left would ask if they could get older issues they don't have to fulfill their paid subscriptions?
  4. Well, I don't know about being as good as a computer, but thank you for the lovely compliment!
  5. Millie and I finally finished this queen size quilt for OUR bed! Completely free motion without the use of computers is how I work.....I've dubbed it "Flight Path" because of all those flying geese!!!! Sew happy!
  6. Thanks, Cagey. The white area is not a panto it is freehanded.
  7. I finished this quilt recently for a client. She absolutely loved the way it turned out. It's great when the pieces fall together and the client celebrates the job with you!!!
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