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  1. Your carriage and table should not be snug inside the groove of the wheel. It should appear that only the top section of the wheel is sitting lightly on the carriage.
  2. This is obviously one fabric where that border will need to pinned on in halves quarters and eighths etc then very gently sewn to the body of the quilt. Did she measure the centre in three places and average before cutting the border fabrics?
  3. If you have a complete new hopping foot shaft then you can cut the bottom of the old one out, that will give you enough wiggle room to remove it.
  4. Sad to hear you are still having problems. The bobbles on the back look like a top thread too fast feed thingie! (are you using the wonder tape on the Glide thread as a thread net). Think I have also said something about the tension spring resting at 11 and under tension at 9 O'clock. Do you have a Brand new genuine APQS bobbin case that you could try? Some of the Ebay ones might fit but they do not stitch perfectly. I am home tody and tomorrow if you want to try phone trouble shooting.
  5. If so, I'd love to get a picture of my quilt Featheration 2Blu with her ribbon
  6. Third Place at AQS Lancaster. Yippeeeee. An International Quilting Ribbon for my wall.
  7. Claudia couches by laying her thread in front of the foot and with a matching or invisible thread taking the tiniest of stitches off a straight line path. Haven't tried it yet but she made it look easy with a normal foot.
  8. If any readers are going to AQS Lancaster or AQS Paducah I would love to have a picture of Featheration2Blu hanging in the shows. Hubby and I were going but since my Mum's passing piecing and travelling overseas are not high on my agenda. I am just super stoked that it got accepted to the shows and feel that journey itself is honouring my mum. The fact she is also in the advertising for Paducah is a bonus.
  9. I think the advertising for this machine has been doing the rounds of FB again so that would be why the interest.
  10. Patty Jo Welcome Back......It is funny how a lot of us "ol Timers" are returning to the family. FB and Instagram are becoming too commercialised. The APQS forum just feels like sitting round the dining table at home with friends and a good cup of tea for a natter.
  11. I prefer to use pre wound Magna Glide Classics in the bobbin as my machine is L size and they have 120m of thread on them. When I self wound Bottomline I only got about 90 m of thread and it took over a minute of time. So costwise the prewounds win! Use a colour that blends with the backing and rarely change it to match the top thread changes. On the top I use anything and everything, I change up the thread path, as in the three hole thread guide above the tension disc, before I adjust my top tension. My thread wallS have Glide, Glide 60, Affinity, Essence, Cairo Quilt fro Filtec. So Fine 50, So Fine 40, Bottomline, Monopoly, King Tut, Omni from Superior. Invisifil And confetti and I have used Gutterman cotton.
  12. I make a pretty good banana bread made with coconut flour! Love my morning muesli but it is based on nuts, coconut and seeds. We try and eat organic as well so avoid anything GMO. No vegetable oils, soy products etc. Bacon, Eggs and butter make a great breakfast. Meat is grass fed as much as possible too.
  13. Mary Beth have you looked into what you eat. Cutting out all grains and processed foods is supposed to be helpful for autoimmune disease. I have been low carb healthy fatfor two years now and am feeling great.
  14. I float my quilts. Before I start quilting I usually choose a colour thread that is the most dominant in the quilt and I work from the top to the bottom quilting in that colour. I check each advance of the quilt that the blocks etc across the quilt are still straight with the channel locks. I keep the sides straight using markings I have on my front Quilt top roller. I pin every unquilted area with flat flower head pins every 4", as if I was basting the quilt. When there is about 3 rolls of the quilt left until the end I will advance to the very end and check the squareness of the bottom edge, baste it then go aback and complete the first colour of quilting. Once I get to the bottom I then use the next most used colour thread and work my way back to the top. The another colour to the bottom etc. This way I am repeating the same design in the same colour and not having to remember quite as much what I have already quilted.
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