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  1. Judy, I have not needed any repairs and have not sent my machine in for service. I took an APQS maintenance class at MQX and kept up with keeping it clean and running on my own. It is available to pick up any time but it is still standing and will need to be taken apart. I no longer have the original boxes. My husband threw them out. The 7,500 includes the machine, which has stitch regulation, two sets of handles....I had a vertical set made, 12 foot frame, auto advance system, extended table for ruler work, Hartley fence, additional threat holder on top of the machine, maintenance manual, user manual and some needles. I have a bunch of other gadgets and pantos, etc that I am hoping to sell at a fraction of what I bought them for. I need to get all that stuff together and make a list this weekend. Jess
  2. My Freedom is still looking for a new home. She's done some amazing work. I have reduced the price to 7,500 after speaking to APQS about fair market value. They said 7,500....so 7,500 it is. Going once, going twice,.......(this is where someone jumps up and shouts out, I'll take it!!) and then I cheer and cry at the same time and shout....Gone. Sold to the lady with all that fabric and a great big smile on her face jess
  3. Just spoke with Apqs and found out a fair market price for my machine is 7,500. I had it priced too high. If anyone would like it, let me know. You can text me directly. 240-357-0143
  4. Here are some quilts I have done on the machine. And I forgot to mention that I live in Maryland Jessica
  5. Well, it's time to sell. I have made some beautiful quilts and really thought I would have it forever. The only reason I am selling is my health. It's a 2008, I think....maybe 2009. I used it for part time business and much personal enjoyment. Love it!!!! It has the automatic fabric advance and a 12 foot frame. Plus I have everything needed to start your own business. Absolutely everything from dvds to books, thread, pantos, rulers, quiltazoid, saddle stool and more. I would like to get 11,000 for everything if I can. I hope someone out there would like to have all my stuff. It really is a wonderful machine and will last forever. Jessica
  6. I will contact Apqs. I do not have bliss. I do have edgeriders and live in Frederick, Maryland.
  7. I have been thinking about this more and more as I become more unable to sew due to RA. It's a tough decision. I never ever thought I would consider selling I love my machine!!!! Anyway, I just popped on here to see if it's worth the effort. It's a 2008 Freedom on a 12' frame. I worked for just a few years part time on it.....like maybe 8 or 9 hours a week. How much is it worth do you think? It also has the motorized feed. I guess I would get rid of everything....like thread, books, pantos, rulers, quiltazoid , etc. Basicslly everything needed to start a business. Thank you for any input you have that might help me along. Jessica
  8. Here's the baby quilt I created for my grandson. Still not quilted. I'd better get on it because they move back to Russia in three weeks. Eeeeek
  9. Hmmm, it worked but my picture is sideways. I consider this a success!! Jess
  10. Ahaa! I think I got it. Thank you ❤️
  11. Im not seeing "choose file". Where is it?
  12. I have never been able to figure out how to go left without thread breaking, and I've had my machine for about six or seven years. I sure hope you figure it out because it's annoying to not be able to SID all the way around a block and have limits on what I'm able to do. Let us know if you are successful.
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