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  1. My Millie finally arrived on Friday!!!! I had the recommendation of the pre-wound magna Filtec bobbins and oh, are they ever perfect. I've been playing with different top threads - some left over from my sit-down (Superior and Signature) as well as Glide and So Fine. The first two were cotton and so linty compared to the last two. Out of all, I have to say I like (or should I say Millie likes) the SoFine the best of all. The Glide sewed as nicely but when I snip I see some untwisting which causes me to snip again to re-thread. Right now I am all about practice, practice and trying different things out. I felt dyslecsic (sp?) the first day - like relearning how to write with my other hand - a big change from a sitdown to a longarm - but then it smoothed right in. Muscle memory...it's for real! So happy to be one of you happy APQS owners!
  2. Thoughts and prayers to all who have been affected and lost so much. I have many old quilts that will be going to Salvation Army. They need everything - from blankets to clothing to cash. Red Cross is looking for blood donations.
  3. I was in Las Vegas for 20 years (Lakes area and then Siena) and did not know this group existed! Sure wish I did. Moved back to Chicago suburban to be near my kids. Proud owner of a newly-purchased Millie! Have fun all of you!
  4. This is a steal for anyone who needs a space-saving sit-down or an affordable beginner's machine. Am sure it will sell fast at this price!
  5. Here is a link for CQ support / help.............. http://www.intelliquilter.com/compuquilter-home.php IQ is offering support for CQ.
  6. Cagey, I, too, have used the strips and then cut the sewn together ones. However, when sewing the strips, you have to alternate the way you sew down the strips. If you just keep adding a new one, it will (for some strange reason) get wonky. It just won't stay straight. So flip the strips and sew from the other side. (I heard one explanation that when the fabric is pulled through the machine by the feed dogs there is a slight pull to the left, almost unnoticeable, unless your putting multiple strips like this together.) They will then 'bow' on you if you keep them the same. So, when doing it, I've just flipped and haven't had a problem!
  7. There is a Facebook group called Quilting Space. Someone asked this same question yesterday and has received recommendations from at least 100 (or more) and most give their reasons why, years owned, repairs needed (if any). From what I saw the favorites were Pfaff, Bernina and Janome with the other familiar ones, including Juki, coming in distant thirds behind these. Most give specific models. You might check there. It IS an open group, I believe. Good luck!
  8. I got an email a few days ago, after reading this thread, and since I just saw it pop up again will mention that the seller (Red Rock Threads, in NV) said that the Rainbow Threads are being discontinued. Perhaps it's the thread and NOT the machine! When a line is completely scrapped, to me it means it's not doing well on the market. Guessing from the problems listed here, think how many others have problems! They are directing people to their Fantistico line.
  9. What a godsend these posts are! To hear you say that this is a tried-and-true product after years of use (especially without problems) saves us newbies SO much, in trial, tribulation, dollars and frustration! Many thanks for the update. I read the entire thread with such interest!
  10. Thank you both for the answers. I LOVE to FMQ but do already have some neck issues - part of my reason for moving up to Millie from a sit-down. I can't (at this time) justify the price after just paying for a brand new Millie but surely will consider in the future! Really depend, I think, on how much outside work I get or want to do! (And my neck, of course!!). Thanks again for the great advice. Somehow I already KNEW you'd recommend it!
  11. Having lived in the southwest for 20 years, I LOVE this quilt and know many who would! As a newbie, I also enjoyed and appreciated the 'doodle'. What great insight that is for any of us that don't have the experience or, in many cases, needing some inspiration. Thanks for posting!
  12. So sorry to hear this. I have some stenosis in my neck (ouch) and have had therapy. It hurts and have learned to live with it. It curtails a lot of what I used to do. Have some exercises that help but do know it's degenerative so hope I won't be facing what you're going through but can totally appreciate what's happening with you and will pray for a quick and speedy recovery. I had been on a sit-down and it was too much pushing the quilt around. Millie is ordered and soon to arrive. Knowing now how much can go wrong with the neck by doing the same things repetitively, I plan on being so careful. Prayers for you! (And I do understand the going crazy! I have a lot of UFO's waiting for Millie to arrive and after a little time for learning curve will be posting!) Take care. (Hope you have streaming service on your t.v. There are a million YouTube videos on quilting available!)
  13. As a retired insurance broker I can assure you that 1) your rates will go up and up when you stay with the same company; 2) that every 5 years you should be shopping rates; 3) that your 'business' is not being rated on YOUR experience and claims but one of a group of "like" businesses. (Now, how many quilting businesses does it take to be an "industry". I can't be certain but I would guess that a quilting business would be tossed into the same as tailor / seamstress and how many are there today? Where are they located? So many are in dry cleaners' shops. So if that is the 'industry', the claims could actually be high (using chemicals, damages, losses, etc.); 4) how many quilts belong to customers have you actually 'ruined'...probably none; 5) are your customers coming into your home? How much liability do you have? If there was a liability / injury loss to a customer, your homeowner's would likely cover it; 6) where is your quilting business located? If in a commercial building...of course you need good insurance coverage - if in your home, do you really need it? Are you doing enough business that IF a quilt was 'ruined' (rendered unrepairable) - that you could not cover the cost?; 7) where in your home is your equipment located? If it's in the basement, are you subject to flooding (and remember flooding is water coming in - by disaster...NOT by water backing up! These are all questions and thoughts that need answering or thinking about before even purchasing outside specific insurance. As to machinery itself, it can be added to your homeowner or renter policy on a rider (if needed) but likely covered in and under your existing policy. What is your deductible? Most people carry higher deductibles on casualty loss (fire, wind, etc.) than liability / injury. Would one claim for a quilt be worth the cost of premiums plus deductible? Unless you are doing tons of quilts per year, are in a commercial building, are 'ruining' quilts of others........I would strongly ponder 'self-insuring'. But, that's me. But, in all cases of insurance (homeowners, auto..) make sure you keep all companies on their toes by getting quotes from others...you WILL save money, guaranteed. You can't, however, keep changing companies every year or two or no one will want you! Hope this helps. And, yes, location does matter (because of theft, distance to fire departments, water hydrants, etc.) Same as the way you're rated for homeowner's.
  14. The quilts are adorable but your twins are absolutely precious! Your quilting is perfection!
  15. Cagey, Thank you very much. This is an absolutely GREAT explanation to all of us who don't understand much about electricity! Shortly after I built my home, a developer down the road came and began digging along our street. Despite lines being marked for them they hit a main line and sent a surge SO big back into several homes, mine included - less than a year old, that it burned EVERY outlet, light, appliance...........everything that was plugged in and black smears out of unused outlets. Over 20,000 in damage. Fire department, new paint all smeared with soot...no A/C (blown out)....all appliances...blown out. On top of that, NO ONE, not the developer / digger (who claimed the county's marks were sprayed incorrectly), the developer who hired the digger, the electric company,........no one wanted to take any blame for the incident. I had over $20,000 in damages - nor to mention days in 90 plus degree heat with no a/c, no stove or oven or microwave, a house that smelled like smoke for a month. I learned a LOT about electricity at that time. Even the most expensive of these surge protectors wouldn't have save us from what happened. We didn't get a jolt, we got many thousands of amps blown backwards. The sorry part was that it took over a year to collect and, of course, we had to immediately bear the cost while waiting....and they preferred to negotiate into desperation for us homeowners. Accidents and these spikes in power are actually common, especially in places that see storms with lightening that occur with some frequency. Everyone needs to protect everything they own BEFORE the incident. That's why I was looking 3 weeks out. I have saved this article. From most of the research I've seen, most units do have shelf life (several years is when I see people saying their units from varying manufacturers begin to show problems). New items are being developed every year so plan to keep abreast of new technology! Thanks again!
  16. Did my homework with special thanks to all of you for your great comments. Everything I need is now here or being anxiously awaited for (LOL - Millie). Now the finishing up of her space! So much to do and so little time! Happy quilting to all!
  17. Thank you SO much! I actually wondered if the sales department really, truly knew what somebody in tech or production knows! LOL Actually I was looking at both Tripp Lites and Cyberenergy models yesterday and always expected a higher cost! I just posted the email so you could see. I have told people already that everyone on this Forum knows so much about these machines.........and why not, they experience it and probably every little problem that occurs and, through each other, passes on the great info to everyone else. And, to Nigel, I would assume that as new and better products come out there will be updates - even months to a year later! Thanks again!
  18. I did take Nigel's recommendation and askedAPQS. I received an email that read ...."Hi, Roxanne, Any standard power strip with surge protection will work just fine." (I had told them I was purchasing and wanted to get their recommendation on the best surge protector for Millie.) Bottom line...won't take a chance and will buy a very, very good one! And insure it as well!
  19. Thank you ALL for the information. I have a few weeks before Millie is delivered and doing my homework to make sure she is protected. Despite my call name. I only just moved back to IL where we have severe storms and tornadoes so know to protect AND INSURE my equipment. Have been in two of IL's worst tornadoes.....Oak Lawn back in 1968 and in Plainfield (EF5) back in '90? I think the year was. Horrible loss of life and damage. You can never be too safe or too careful for sure. I knew the cost would be up there, but worth it to save Millie! Thank you for all the input!
  20. I have ordered my Millie after SO much research. Can't wait for it to arrive. I want to keep her safe and am in the Midwest now - where we get those big storms. I'm guess all of you have surge protection on your machines. Would love to get some ideas of brands, models, costs. Thank you!
  21. You all probably have a lot more quilting experience than I (do), but the artist in me says 1) to post a picture as the description is a little confusing w/o one and/or 2) if the fruit, bird, branches and leaves are detailed (complex)....then, absolutely simple is the answer! Or you could get much too 'busy'. Sometimes, as they say, less is more!
  22. Additionally, Carol, I might add that there are many other things - like getting proficient with rulers in addition to those wonderful classes. And many are free, as I said. Get on You Tube - you'll find wonderful videos there. Jamie Wallen is another great teacher. Loads of stuff on design, marking, FMQ. Working with wholecloths........so many things that, in the end, you will feel tremendous sense of accomplishment....perhaps more than if the computer did it for you! Good luck.. And, would love to know if you found out what the add'l. weight is. Thank you, Roxanne
  23. Carol, You've made some great points (for me, anyway). I have a question for you since you brought up the weight that would be added. Do you know how much? I cannot find this answer anywhere listed in specs. I have been researching machines and settled on APQS. I have test driven the Millie, Lucey and Lenni. I am torn between them all - desiring (of course) all of the goodies that Millie has to offer. What I love about the Lenni is 1) cost!, 2) the 20" and 35 lbs felt great, but it was only practice! Most of the quilts I do are Q or K. I called my dealer today asking about Quilt Path and Lenni (because you could put together a package with them and pay no more than you would a Millie!)....but you would be giving up a lot of bells and whistles for the Quilt Path. She mentioned to me that they had no one put a Quilt Path on a Lenni - mainly because of the size. They said the 20" would give you about 14" of real quilt space when working......which certainly would limit patterns. Like you, I quilt (or have anyway) mostly for personal use. My idea of going to Millie would be to expand and hopefully pay for some of the machine! If I were to choose Lenni, based on what I've been told and looking at future resale, I think I would be sticking to pantographs and doing a whole lot of FMQ. If you really want to expand - look for a class. I know Angela Walters does classes, as does the wonderful Karen McTavish. And look for inspiration all over the internet for new designs that YOU can do. They're free to almost free! In the end I opted for the Millie (ordering today!) And without the Quilt Path. Perhaps if I ever get into commercially selling I would consider it. In the meantime would stick with Panto and FMQ.....I cannot justify the added investment. And all this is after a ton of research. (Would add that part of this is age.....if I felt I had another 25 years to quilt I might feel differently. But already having some issues with my neck that could limit hours to work.)
  24. Hi Cindy............ You can email me @ vegaslady3141@comcast.net OR call me at 708.301.7440 Depending on where you are in WI, we may be able to work something out REAL cheap. I haven't yet checked on shipping cost but once I know exactly where you are, I can find out. I have the original boxes and can get weights right off the Babylock site.....
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