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  1. Yes this machine has the laser light and rear handlebars for doing pantographs. This machine does not have horizontal locks. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask Best Regards,
  2. Sue7298, • This machine can be fitted on a deluxe table with a fabric advance, I talked to my QPQS rep and she told me this could be done. • If you are interested in machine or have other questions please get back with me or call one of the 2 phone numbers provided
  3. It has not sold as of yet. Shipping would be about $1,000 to ship to Arizona, we lowerd price from $7,000 to $6,500 to help with shipping cost. The price for machine is firm at $6,500 Thanks, Quilt Girl
  4. Tomm360 this is Quilt Girl about the shipping cost it will run about 1,200 dollars to ship to your location / I will drop the price to 6,500 to help cover shipping. If interested you can contact me / I will also provide pics and a video showing the machine in operation. Best Regards, Quilt Girl
  5. The shipping cost would be around 1,200 dollars, I would be willing to drop price to 6,500 to help with shipping cost.
  6. Tomm360, The shipping cost would be about 1,200. If you are interested in machine we would drop the price to 6,500 dollars to help with shipping. Best Regards, Tim Payne
  7. Thank you I am only selling it because we do not have room for it now.
  8. • SOLD. • Located in Shepherdsville,KY • Will deliver locally • 2015 Lenni B02298ZS • 12 foot Bliss Table • L bobbin size • Interchangeable hopping foot – came with high profile platform foot • Turbo winder • M&M wheels • Bliss tracking system. • Stitch Regulator. • Contact information: Home: (502)-215-6740 Cell: (502)-523-8883