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  1. I sure didn't get your msg from craigslist. Sorry about that. If you are interested please get a hold of me at 308-641-3783. I will be in Denver Fri.
  2. I still have a ultimate ll w/12' table. I'm located Gearing NE. If interested let me know. I have the machine listed on this sight
  3. Chickenscratch, I should probably try s little harder to sell it. I agree, it should sell quickly, this forum is the only attempt I have made. It is the season so I plan on putting more effort into it, or just keep it and learn myself. I have a 1600 PC quilt top I designed and pc'd together, it just needs a quick fix here n there and ready for the table.
  4. No, I have not quilted with this machine, I have played with it and my sister-in-law, owner of a machine and quilt shop, has also played with it. She thinks its in good condition, she said she would add a stitch regulator, she is use to having it. The previous owner did several quilts with it prior to an illness. As far as I know she had no problems. Keep in mind that it is an APQS machine. This I'd a company that stands behind there machine. I have never heard of one of there machines getting placed in retirement. If you would like I could contact them and ask for one of there professionals t
  5. dbarnes, Yes this machine is available. Sheri, thanks for the info.I will keep that in mind. I will need to check into that, there may be one with it.
  6. I had a lady from the quilt shop in Crawford, NE come over and give a professional over view of this machine. She found that it was in good working order, she wished it had a stitch regulator, but again one can be put on and it wouldn't be 3500.00. If you would like to visit with her please give me a call and I will give you her number. Sorry for the delay, I had everything backwards and didn't want to mess it up. Thanks Rita
  7. I had replied earlier through e-mail, not sure if you received the msg. It was a friends of mine, I don't know much about it but I do know it in good working order. She made beautiful quilts with it and she took care of it, It was her baby. The serial number is 1631. From what I'm told you can find the history of it. I'm asking 3500 from what I am told it is a bargain at that. Not only from the ladies on the forum but I asked the owners of the local quilt shop to stop by. Please let me know what you think. If you are interested I could possibly meet you 1/2 way or work smthng out. Thanks rita
  8. Thanks for looking and good luck. If you change your mind we could work out s half way mark or something. Have a great day. Rita
  9. That's Gering NE sorry about the delay with pictures I'm having a heck of a time getting them down loaded I will have to get help tomorrow. Rita
  10. Gearing Nebraska. Where are you located? It may be easier and faster to contact me by email rihans63@yahoo.com then I will give my phone. I will send pic in a few min
  11. Yes this is available. I am told 3500.00 would be a fair price to ask. I would be willing to meet part way if needed.Rita
  12. Thank you Laura, You ladies have been great help, its nice to run into nice people, should happen more often. Thanks to all you kind ladies. Rita
  13. Thank you all for your help, I tried to figure out how to put the table up but couldnt. I have a 2600 pc quilt i had designed and put together, all but the quilting part of it. Now i just dont have the time, i have so many projects going. I Have a lady asking about this machine, by the msgs it is not stitch regulated, correct? how about fabric advance? what would i look for so i could tell if it was or not? Thanks Rita
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