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  1. These are all a great help. I have an older quilting machine, Ultimate 1, and there is something not quite right in that I can use SO Fine and it works like a charm but any other threads like Omni just breaks and breaks. I would like to be able to use King Tut and even the heavier So Fine but it just won't stop breaking. So I stick with So Fine. Thank you so much for the feed back.
  2. thank you. So you would recommend more dense quilting if the backing is heavy or stretchy?
  3. I have a quilt that was quilted with an Ultimate 1 last year. It has a fairly heavy fleece blanket on the back. Now the threads are starting to break. It was quilted with a high quality thread, So Fine" from Superior Threads. Do you think the weight and stretch of the fleece backing is causing the thread breakage?
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