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  1. If you still have your Lucey could you tell me a little more about this machine? Does it have the built in stitch regulator? Touch pad controls, laser light stylus and auto needle position? I'm looking at the Lucey on the APQS website but I don't know what changes have been made to the Lucey between 2014 and 2017. Thanks, Jeanette
  2. Kayesstee, Sorry for the delayed response, we've been on vacation and my phone coverage was terrible. I tried to respond through email but I don't think you received the message. The machine has sold. Thanks, Jeanette
  3. Carla, I've done some research shipping to Wisconsin by justing picking a random zip code (53002) and the weight of the machine and frame. If you would be willing to go $4200.00 that would include shipping costs. My husband has a PayPal account if that makes payment any easier for you. Let me know I can get it shipped out Monday for you. Thank you
  4. Thank you for your interest. Just to clarify, you are also asking me to ship the machine to Wisconsin? Let me do some research on what it would take to ship to Wisconsin and I will get back with you asap. Thank you,
  5. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with your vehicle.
  6. No, the frame can't be extended. Two Baby Lock dealers have told me the Coronet will work on the Pearl or Momentum Baby Lock Frames. The quilt rolls on the take up (back bar) and clamps on the other three sides and can be moved easily without taking the quilt off the frame. So you can either quilt across and move the quilt side to side or quilt down one side then start at the top to complete the other side.
  7. netta

    HQ Simply Sixteen Wanted

    I am selling my Baby lock Coronet which is made by Hand quilter and the same machine as the HG Simply Sixteen. I have the Lil foot frame, bobbin winder, manuals, original boxes, everything that came with the machine. The Coronet has the automatic stitch regulator or it can be used manual. I purchased the machine new in 2014. It is a great machine and I'm only selling to upgrade. If you are interested my email is
  8. Yes, this is still available and yes I think it should fit in a Suburban.
  9. Yes, I have the manual for the frame and it is pretty easy to set up and take down. I actually took it down and reset it up by myself in my living room when I decided to sell it (I used it in a spare bedroom). It is kinda heavy though, two people can easily handle it. Yes, the machine has a usb port in the back of the machine and there is also another port on the side of the viewing screen. I purchased a ruler base separately and will include this if you are interested.
  10. Oh, and I am in Mansfield, Ohio, half way between Columbus and Cleveland.
  11. I really like this machine and have not had any problems with it. For free motion quilting it is great and with the stitch regulator your stitches will look great. I was able to finish a king size quilt in just a couple hours . I am selling the machine to (hopefully) upgrade to another machine. If it doesn't sell I will invest in a larger frame and continue to use the Coronet. It really is a great machine.