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  1. Hi lilflyr - I've decided to purchase a machine from a local dealer. Good luck with your machine. Thanks
  2. Hi - yes, I'm still interested. I can afford $200. My name is Ann, and I live in Silsbee, Texas. I know you've never heard of it, and it's even too small for a lot of maps. I'm a retired widow, so this is a big expenditure for me and $300 makes a difference. Do you have the original boxes? If not, what shipper do you plan to use? Do you have a PayPal account? A lot of questions about details. Thanks
  3. I'll have to keep looking closer to home. I was thinking shipping would be $200-$250. Thanks
  4. I am interested in your machine, but would need it shipped to zip code 77656. If you can price the shipping I would appreciate it. Thanks - Ann
  5. Sorry, my computer is acting up. Zip code is 77656.
  6. Could you price shipping? Shipping weight may be on your original papers. UPS?
  7. How many stitches does it have on it? You said you had the boxes, will you ship? Thanks