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  1. He used a Ajax Scientific Plastic Loose Pulley, 25mm Diameter, 4mm Center Hole Diameter (Pack of 10) from Amazon. He said it isn't ideal cause it's kind of weak, but it fit the shaft from the coffee grinder.
  2. My husband decided to take on the "make your own bobbin winder challenge" based on your valuable information. Here's a couple pictures. He used an old coffee grinder motor and a router variable speed control that he had laying around. He made a motor housing cover (he wanted to work on his welding skills). He also added an auto shut off by adding a micro-switch which gets depressed when the bobbin is moved to the fill position, and it pops off the power when the bobbin is in the full position. And, he hard wired everything in so I wouldn't have cords going everywhere. Thanks for posting this topic. I love my "new" bobbin winder. It's super fast and winds really nice tight consistent bobbins. ruth
  3. I'll take it. Can you e-mail me and we can work out the details.
  4. Anyone have a decent bobbin winder they would like to sell for an L bobbin (maybe a Turbo winder)? Looking for one that has good tension adjustment and auto shut off. I purchased a cheap side-winder to get me through, but it winds super loose and inconsistent. Thanks, Ruth