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Breakaway table with Lenni - Question


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There are three tables available.

Breakaway is very sturdy and durable and heavy. It only comes in a 10 foot length.

The breakaway table can only be used as a 10 foot table.

Black metal table is one piece and comes with a 10 or 12 foot table. I personally think this table is easier to break down if you have to put it away. It's very sturdy and stable. I also prefer the one piece take up rollers. It's great now that you can order it in a 12 foot length.

Metal grace frame table. It is ten foot but you can break it down and use it as a five foot table. Great for art quilts.


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Hi Gloria,

I have the Lenni with the breakaway table (2 - 5' pieces). It is incredibly stable, well built...and heavy. I have the particle board top on mine (white colored) and I need help to flip the table when I set it up. Other than help with flipping it right side up, I can set it up myself rather quickly. I have never experienced any problems with it. Would I have gotten the 10' (or now 12') one piece table? I don't think so as I wanted a table I could break apart and take to quilt shows with me and easily fit in the back of my canopy covered truck. Do I wish it was a bit lighter and not so heavy...yes. The Lenni is an awesome machine, you'll love it.

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