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Olympia, WA (surrounding area) machine repair

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My name is Molly Casey.

I have a little sewing machine repair shop

at my home in Shelton, WA.

It’s full of antique and vintage machines.

They range from the early 1900’s

through the nineteen eighties.

I have simple straight stitch domestic

machines, beautiful old Singer’s

(popular models for quilting) and

industrial machines.

Machines range from $50 and up for

domestics and up to $700 for some


Service and repair is $20 an hour and

almost all clean, oil and tuning cost just $20.

I’m happy to help beginners, or set up a

machine for specific use or threads.

I guarantee my work and there is no

charge for evaluations.

I work with senior citizens for in-home

service calls on heavy machines.

I can also be contacted to do a

“care and maintenance of older machines”


I would love to work with a business to establish a drop off and pick-up point for customer machines. Which I believe would increase foot traffic for that business.

Thank you!

Molly Casey

Sewing Machine Recycling

Shelton, WA



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