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Iv'e just registered, and responded to a couple of posts, but thought I should introduce myself.

I've had my Mille for a year now, and we seem to be getting along just great, despite my lack of classes. I haven't done all that many quilts, since I am still working for a living. I didn't actually buy the machine to go into business. I bought it because I love quilting, and because my husband and son encouraged me to do so. (My husband is probably trying to make up for a MAJOR purchase I didn't want, LOL.)

Anyway, here I sit in Bee Cave, TX, with a Mille making baby quilts for the grandkids (2), and I intend to make many Quilts of Valor (my second is just now loaded).

I am continually inspired by the people on the forum - you make me reach for more than I thought I could do.


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