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Hard (dumb) Lesson Learned

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My niece is here with two quilt tops to be quilted. I let her use my machine. We got through the wall hanging just fine. Then we loaded her bigger project. She decided that she wanted to do a Panotgraph. My laser was on the front of the machine, so had to move it back to the back.

Here's the lesson....make sure the laser is good and tight before starting to sew. YIKES:mad: I had stepped out of the room and when I got back she was sewing away. I took a look and OOPS....the panto was heading south. Luckily she had only done about half a row. Guess the vibrating of the machine really loosened the laser. But it was good for me, as I will probably never do that again. She is sewing away as we speak and everything is going well.

This was the first time I had used the laser on the back since I moved it to the front.

It's a great day for sewing....we are finally getting a little rain!!!!

Have a great day.

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