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Nylon thread

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I really shouldn't answer because I haven't used the nylon thread on my longarm, although I have used it a lot on my domestic sewing machine.

I have used the polyester monofilament thread, though, which is also invisible. If you have trouble with the nylon, maybe the polyester monofilament would work. They say it takes heat better and is less likely to turn yellow over time than the nylon, although it's fairly new so I'm not sure if they know for certain. The one I have tried is a Sulky thread, I think, but there are several brands of polyester monofilament thread out there.

But as for tension. I have a dual spool holder that I attached close to the front of my machine for holding spools that aren't cross-wrapped like thread on cones is. I put monofilament or Bottom Line -- anything on a spool not a cone -- on that. I don't know if you're using a cone, but if you're using a spool where you usually put a cone, that might be the problem. The cone holder is for thread that you can see makes an X going up and down as it was wrapped while spool thread comes straight off the spool. I have heard that many people made their own spool holders by using duct tape to attach even something as simple as a crochet hook or pencil to hold the spool horizontal near the front of the machine -- just have the stick you put it on stick out to the side the threading it and have something to hold the spool on it, even just a rubber band wound around multiple times.

I haven't done everything I've read about, but I have also heard people suggest going through only one hole of the 3-hole guide as well as loosing the tension with the knob.

I hope that helps. APQS does sell the dual spool holder, if you don't have one already.

Mary Smart

Vermillion SD:)

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