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Merry Christmas!!

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Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a while. I have been very busy. I have been finishing up two quilts I am giving away for xmas. I did two more Turning Twenty's one for my son in a musical theme and one for my sister. Pics are at my webshots page if you have time to look. Going home to visit mom and sisters in Missouri for xmas and have been busy trying to get all my shopping done in time. Need to clean house and wrap today. Was going to bake cookies, but oven is filthy and it started smoking so I had to clean it.

I was very upset yesterday. I have eight finches and we had two babies since Thanksgiving, and they both have died. The 2nd one died yesterday, only a week away from leaving the nest. This bird was for my MIL and I was very upset at losing them both. It's hard to watch them grow from tiny little things and then they die. I don't breed them intentionally, but there doesn't seem to be a way to give birds birth control, ha ha!!!

I have been looking at everyone's work lately. Everyone is doing so great. I have so much more work to do!!! Hoping for a white Christmas, but doesn't look like we'll get one. Well, now that I've rambled on, I just wanted to wish everyone a very wonderful xmas and a Happy New Year!!!!


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Hi Barb.

Sorry to hear about your finches. My mom and I over the years have raised many baby birds, including finches. It is amazing to tend to those little squeaking aliens, and it is so sad when they don't make it, despite all the best efforts. I know how you feel. Years ago, I tried to rescue two stray kittens that just weren't going to survive, and my Dear Veterinarian (we are good buddies) said that you just can't save 'em all. I think of that often, because sometimes there are lost causes you can help, and there are truly hopeless cases that you can't. Some creatures just aren't meant to be here long.

Thanks for listening.

Happy Quilting!


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