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Upgraded from UltI to Millie - Suggestions?


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I just unloaded and installed my Millie - now need to pack up Ult I and send back. I have to quilt a small 50x50 quilt for a customer to pick up tomorrow night.

So far, I LOVE my Millie - so quiet! I do have a couple of questions for you all. I have had to play with the tension a little - good for now. It runs sooo quietly, except I think the bobbin case sounds a little noisy (could be because I had to loosen the bobbin tension - King Tut on top, Sew Fine in bobbin).

Once I get this small quilt finished, how do you all suggest practicing? I know the stitch regulator will require practice, any other tips? I had fine tuned my Ult I to the point I knew exactly what to do with the tension for a variety of top threads (always use Sew Fine in bobbin).

I began with an Ult II and the jump to an Ult I wasn't too much different. Ult I to Millie has many more new things to get used to.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I can't wait to get this small quilt finished so I can really get to know my Millie!!!

Brenda Salmon


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Congratulations upgrading your Ult 1 to a Millie.....

I did the same thing as you back in 02. Your going to love your Millie, it's like your Ult 1, but with all the bells and whistles.

Each machine is different, I think you will find the only adjustment you will experience is learning your control buttons, but they've got it color coded for you, so in a days time you'll automatically know what button to push for this or that.

As far as the thread tension goes, I didn't experience any difference between the machines really.

You'll do just fine. I found it very helpful buying the Towa Bobbin case tension gauge when I was still unsure of getting the bobbin tension just right. I still use it just to be safe but have pretty much been able to pull on the thread when it's in place and tell according to what thread I'm using if it's just right, then all you have to do is tighten or loosen your top thread.

You'll find your Millie not tempermental at all and you'll be able to use all those gorgeous threads.....

Let us know how your doing, I know how excited you are...congratulations again.....:cool::cool:

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