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I have the curly power cord. No over head tracks. The cord felt heavy and seemed to add some drag so this is what I did: I attached the curly cord to an extension cord. I ran the extension cord straight up the back of the machine. I pulled the curly cord straight up from the plug-in on the side to the top of machine and bunched/rested all of the curly cord on the top back of machine. The extension cord plug is now hanging just below the top of the machine about 1-2" with the curly cord pluged in. I took electrical tape and taped the extension cord along the middle of back of the machine to secure in place-taped the ext. cord to the back of the laser power box which helped reduce any play in this heavy little box!. On the top, put tape across in an "X" to secure the curly cord (ran out of electrical tape and had to use blue painter's masking tape). I taped the curly cord from the plug in up the side of the machine.

The curly cord is now sitting on the top back of the machine and the extension cord is exactly down the middle of back of machine. I kick the cord under the table and for the most part it stays under the table as I move from left to right. I have had my "rigged" for months with no problems or compliants.

I took a picture but don't know how to upload it here. So if someone would like to see a picture, email me.


Northern MN


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