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Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival XVIII


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Hi all. APQS will have a rockin' booth at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival VIII this weekend! :cool: The show starts February 22-25, 2007. Doors open at 10:00!! The Convention Center is off 1-64, exit 263.

We've got some awesome deals to share with everyone! Stop by for more information, a piece of chocolate or to say Hi. I'll be working with Sheri Queen Flemming of PA for the week. We always have a good time in the APQS booth.

You don't have to be AT the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival to take advantage of the show specials. If you'd like more information, please give me a call at 703-967-2675, or call Bob at 1-800-426-7233.

Don't forget to wear your APQS shirt! :)


Lisa Langlais

Authorized APQS Rep.

Springfield, VA 22153 (Wash. DC area.)

703-440-8157, Cell 703-967-2675



Revel in each other's success, knowing full well there is enough to go around. ~~~Anonymous

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