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For Sale: Bernina 5/10 Foot Frame with Quilt Motion Touch


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For sale:  5/10 foot Metal Bernina Quilt frame and quilt motion touch for a Bernina machine. This is a wonderful set up that allows complete planning, design, and beautiful, perfect quilting. The Grace Company is wonderful to work with to get this system hooked up to your machine and frame. This setup New costs:  Quilt Touch $4999, Bernina frame $1500, Microsoft surface Pro $800.  Total paid $7299, so this is truly the best way to get this addition for your quilting.  Would like to get $4500 for everything.


Bernina Quilt Frame:

Can be set up as 5 or 10 foot frame

Quilt leaders already attached with velcro

Two clamps on each side

Adjustable in height

Backing, Quilt top, and batting bars

Can also be increased in size to 12 foot with optional 2 foot extension (not included in this sale)


Quilt Motion Touch: (Website information)

Originally started with Quilt Motion, which can be powered by laptop, then upgraded via USB stick from Grace to Quilt motion touch using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1.  Both Quilt motion and Quilt touch with tablet are being sold and is your choice which set up you prefer.

*pattern library with 200 quilt-ready patterns
*Create your own patterns or trace them from photographs
*Design and edit blocks, pantographs, borders, and full quilt layouts
*Included LCD display for convenient control right at your sewing machine
*Precise pattern placement methods
*See your pattern in relation to your quilt on-screen before you begin quilting
*Record and save any free-hand quilted patterns to use or edit later
*Easily switch between computer guided quilting and free-hand quilting
*Import a wide variety of pattern file types from other programs

I've used this on Windows 7 and 8, others systems may also be compatible. Would need to check with Grace Company


This unit is currently set up with a Bernina 780 and can be viewed in person (South Texas) or pictures available upon request.

This unit has been used with a Bernina 780, 820, and a Qnique mid arm machine (machine not sold with this sale). Grace company offers upgrades for several different types of sewing machines both domestic and mid arm/longarm.post-61664-0-80528200-1431217845_thumb.jpg


The Frame will work with several machines up to an 18 inch throat.  Grace company also has specifics on their website.


Youtube has wonderful learning videos for APQS quilt path, which is their Grace company version and works exactly the same way for Bernina's Quilt Motion Touch.  I learned to use this system only viewing Quilt path videos from APQS.


Extra's include:  Grace flexible light attached to carriage, laser light for pantographs from rear of frame.


Please contact for further information, No scammers appreciated.



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