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For Sale APQS Ultimate XX

I have purchased an APQS Millie. I need to sell my APQS 1991 Ultimate XX, 36” throat, non-stitch regulated, L bobbin, large sewing area, lower thread cutter, power fabric advance, 12 ft aluminum table, zipper canvas, pony clamps w/elastic. I have made several upgrades to it, replaced the motor about a year or so ago ($270.00), new head and carriage wheels ($250.00) new hook assembly ($89.00), new rocker assembly ($89.00), new tension control assembly (23.00), new switches in handles ($45.00), custom curved handles ($187.00), custom rear handle extension for pantograph ($135.00), Hartley fence for circle and straight line quilting ($595.00), upgraded to LED light w/black light ($289.00). Dual spool holder ($70.00) vertical cone holder ($90.00), laser battery pack ($90.00). Everything works great, makes great stitches. I have the manual for it, extra bobbins, bobbin winder, several quilt books and several pantographs. A great machine at a great price $3400.00. Located in Tulsa, Ok. Local pickup only, will not ship.

Any questions 


call: 918 808 3467.


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