For Sale: Gently Used Babylock Jewel with Quilter's Creative Touch

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Reason for sale: Moving and it would be a shame to see this gal sitting in storage for a year or more before we can get settled. There is a lot of life left in her.

What do you get? Babylock Jewel, first edition (2009/2010? - I’m the 2nd owner and bought her from a dealer in Spring 2015), with an 18” throat, 10’ Grace Pinnacle Frame that can be set up as a 5’ frame, and Quilter’s Creative Touch Robotics! The machine has been routinely professionally serviced, most recently in December 2018, and I’ve kept up with the recommended home maintenance. Includes zippered leaders, extra frame parts (so there’s no waiting if you experience an issue, which I have not), options between manual or regulated stitch mode, LCD on front and rear handles, glide foot, hopping foot conversion kit, and creative couching foot set, manuals, extra zippers, M bobbins - some empty, some pre-wound, size M Towa Gauge, channel locks, commercial bobbin winder, and a ruler base. The Jewel is equipped with front and back handles, laser for pantographs, ease of use, creates a beautiful stitch! Purchase also includes a box of Pattern Perfect Basic Set by Grace panto templates with 8 patterns. The Quilter’s Creative Touch makes pantos easy peasy! Easily create your own panto by recording your own design, or use the on-board designs or purchase new ones. When doing a panto the only real math you need is how wide and tall the quilt is and how wide and tall the space to be quilted is - the software figures out the ratios of the pattern automatically! Software is simple to use and there are a multitude of free tutorials on YouTube, which is how I learned. The manufacturer, Grace, is also very open with customer service and are highly responsive, even on weekends.

All this for only $9000!

Please email for specific pictures not already shown and any questions you may have. We are located near downtown Riverside, California (Southern California). Purchaser is responsible for pick up, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs.


4 sets of zippers.JPG



bobbins, bobbin case, ruler base.JPG

M Towa Gauge.JPG




Feet, tools, locks.JPG

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