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Quilt Path for sale

S&W Taylor

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2014 updated Quilt Path for sale. Tablet has been updated to a Surface Pro 6 with stylus in May  2021. The last windows update was 7/18/21. This Quilt Path must be on a Bliss table since the carriage does not have any axels. You would need to remove the axels from your current carriage and place on the QP carriage, instructions are included, easy to do. This unit will go on a 2008-2018 Millie or Freddie or a 2014-2018 Lenni or Lucey. The belt fits a 12 foot table. Quilt Path has been upgraded to the current version. I am including the APQS installation book and the Angela Clark QP basic manual. Entire unit is in excellent condition. 

$6500.00 plus shipping

Contact wtaylor930@comcast.net for any questions. 

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