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Bernina 440QE won't stitch and BSR not working either

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I have a Bernina 440qe. I was doing some straight stitching last night and went to get another pillow case to sew. When I came back to the machine it wouldn't stitch. I checked the plug for the foot petal, made sure the foot was down, made sure the bobbin winder wasn't engaged, etc. I then thought I would see if the BSR would work (as I thought my foot petal might have just gone out). It would not. The red light comes on but no needle movement. Any ideas? My local Bernina shop doesn't open again until Monday because of the holidays.
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If you still looking for help. The only thing I can suggest is to find a good repairer to look at it. I once had stitching problems with my Janome 54 as well. I and my husband couldnt solve the problem, so we just call a person who do this professionally. 

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