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In Search Of SquareinaSquare Ruler and/or Books

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Good morning from the snowed in ‘Wet’ Coast of BC!

Happy New Year Everyone!

This may be a very unusual request but my Father always said there is no such thing as a stupid question.

So here goes,  I am in search of some SquareinaSquare rulers and/or the SquareinaSquare books preferably the first one.

If there anyone out there with either item that no longer has a need for them and is willing to sell and or donate them???

Thank You

Blessings, Peace and Happy Quilting!


Ladysmith, BC CANADA 

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I was given the ruler and two books last year, by someone who was giving up quilting, but am hoping to find the time to use them! However, there is a SnS teacher in this area (Eastern Ontario), so I know there are more floating around, I'll keep my eyes out for you!

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