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Want to Buy Scoop Foot for Ultimate II


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I am looking for the one scoop foot that will fit the ULT II.  This machine does not have a hopping foot so the only one that will fit (according to APQS) are the ones made specifically for it.  The machine originally came with the scoop foot and later a ruler foot was designed and produced.  When I bought my UltII used it had the ruler foot.  I am hoping someone out there has a scoop foot in their parts drawer.  I have been putting out feelers for a few years and have yet to find one.  I did have a possible line on one a few months ago but I found out about it too late. 

I emailed APQS when I first started looking to see if they had any ideas or could offer any help or suggestions.  I actually got a one word response "no".  So I have been putting out feelers here and on other social media with no results.  I'll just keep posting this once a year or so and just keep hoping.

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Debra, the vast majority of the quilts my wife and I make are given away to charities and I use pantagraphs on them.   In my very humble opinion the scoop foot works best in my situation.  I would like to have both but would gladly exchange my ruler foot for a scoop on my Ult2.

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Hi, sorry I didn't see that you had responded. We seem to be on the same search, but on opposite ends of it. I have the Ult2 and have a scoop foot, but have been looking for a ruler foot. But I don't really want to swap either. Like you, I would like to have both. 


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