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need to know about Ultimate I

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I am considering buying a Ultimate I and need to know how everyone who has one would let me know how they like it. I have owned a Gammill and loved it but because of relocating I had to sell it. I am now ready to buy. Also when you have moved yours to your location did you take the table apart or did you move it together and just box the machine up.

Thanks for your help.

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I have had my Ult I for almost 4 years and have never had any problems. A few adjustments here or there but all very easy and minor. I agree with an earlier post. Just keep it oiled and the bobbin case lint free and you won't have any problems.

When I first started reading these posts, I felt intimidated by all the Mille owners and can't relate to many of their comments. I did try a Mille at the factory when I purchased my Ult I, but financially it was not even an option.

I did learn that a possible plus to machines other than the Mille - they are lighter. Depending on your personal situation....any back issues, hand/arm strength, etc. -- the lighter machines may be an advantage.

I don't have any of the 'extras' and sometimes think that I would love a few bells and whistles. But I really feel that I have learned a tremendous amount of my quilting skills because I have just the bare bones machine and had to practice until I could do it by myself.

My Ult I has been trouble-free, easy to operate, simple to maintain and produces great results. It fit my $$ ability when I purchased. I have been extremely satisfied in every way.

Hope that helps!



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