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Birthday block construction underway - anymore coming?

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Just thought I\'d post a note here to show you the progress on my birthday block quilt top. I had about 33 blocks of all different shapes and sizes. As you can see, your generous gifts are going together fairly well. I did mark your names, city, and state or province on each block or will just so that I could remember everyone.

Green looked good as a potential joining fabric but the blue became my favorite when I auditioned it. As you can see the middle section isn\'t stitched together yet, just some sashing pinned in place, and I have a few holes to fill. I took Monica\'s generous huge block apart to be able to use the pieces well and plan to outline the penguins with a decorative sash. I used a Santa print in several places to fill in the odd shapes and shall continue with these or flying geese to fill the holes.

I was thinking of doing a header or making more blocks myself to add over the top row to make the size a little taller. So I was wondering if anybody else plans to send me a block before I close this out. I have a feathered star block with Christmas fabrics that I made and could use that, then just would need about five or six more blocks.

I saved some blue fabric and could do a wide top section and maybe put on some applique, so if there are no more blocks, then I\'ll probably finish it up that way. Please let me know if you have a block underway. Thank you all for your consideration.



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