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Quilt EZ Templates For Sale SOLD!!


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I am in the process of simplifying my quilting life & will be selling of some of my abundance of supplies etc. Since I now have CQ I am selling my Quilt EZ templates.

Here is what I have:

Colonial Wreath $69.99 (paid)

Double Spiral $69.99

Hearts $47.29

Single Circle Set $47.29

Spiral Square $69.99

Small Cross Hatch $69.99 x 4 =279.96

Diamond Grid $69.99 x 4 =279.96

Total : $864.47 + tax $ 75.64 = $940.11 (I paid)

50% Used off = $470 + shipping (for you)

I will also include my 2004 Millennium stylus. $94 value. You may need a different one if you have a newer machine.

Sold as a complete package.

Here is the Quilt EZ website if you want to check out:


Please contact me by email.

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