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My problem w/ tension (need quick help)

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My current problem is King Tut on top using a 16 needle, Bottom Line (wound by me on my machine using metal bobbins) on bottom: the bottom stitches are okay but in order to not get pokies from the top, I had to tighten the top soooo tight that you can see the bottom on top and the top is flatlining. I tried plastic bobbins...same problem.

Back on goes my practice piece and this is what I observed:

in stitch regulator, going right to left, pokies; going left to right, beautiful; going down to up, pokies; going up to down, beautiful. Tried a few feathers (think of this feather upside down): going down towards the left, pokies; heading up towards the right, beautiful.

I put Superior So Fine back on the top & changed needles, keeping Bottom Line in the bobbin. Well, up, down, right, left, whatever, the stitches were perfect.

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!!?? Here's going another day of getting nothing done on my customer's custom quilt that she wants B4 Thanksgiving

Any ideas? Sharon


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After posting my problem above, I found the maintenance/troubleshooting chat, clicked on that, then clicked on tension. I printed out the 9 pages of replies and saw the machine quilts better left to right, so I'm going to try it on my quilt top. If I still have problems, I'll be back.


Kwilter (Sharon)

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