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  1. excited

    Me too, me too, can't wait to get it!
  2. Remember the 8 border quilt?

    The quilt is beautiful, you have did a fantastic job!!!
  3. I have done a quilt like this with not so good contrast. I made "the circle" with feather.
  4. Wine and Pizza for Me

    Congratulations! Picture would be great:D
  5. MQS 2010

    I'm now at the airport heading for MQS. I really hope there will be no ash delays for me. Some airports in Europe are closed and there are many cansellations here. Hopefylle I will be there tomorrow and see you all:D:D
  6. MQS 2010

    I wil be there too:D Arriving at Sunday evening and stay until Saturday. I would love to meet you all. I'm counting days now:D Today I will go to Netherland to do an IQ installation for Tinie and back again tomorrow. Then it's just some more quilts to do before I will pack py suitcase again
  7. MQS

    I'm going to MQS this year, JIPPI:D:D But could anybody please tell me how to go from Kansas City Intl. Airport to MQS? I will be at the airport Sunday MAy 9. at 06.30pm. Thank you!
  8. Congratulations, its beautiful!
  9. Claudia's Quilt wins big!!!

    Congratulations Claudia! The quilt is gorgeous!!! Really looking forward to se it at MQS:D
  10. I have just got a quilt from a customer. It's handpieced. I have no idas what to do on this:o
  11. Good Luck! And I'm really looking forward to see your quilts. I will be at MQX;)
  12. Love that quilt, the quilting is gorgeous!
  13. Beautful, beautiful quilt, you did a great job!!!
  14. Finally it is finished !

    Beautiful tree skirt and the quilting is gorgeous:D
  15. Design Pick

    Beutiful block, I think it would be really nice on a quilt.