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  1. New to me Freedom

    Hi Lindy, Yes, this is a non-stitch regulated machine. There is a sticker down on the back of the throat that has a number on it. That is the serial number and we can tell you the year it was manufactured by that number. Also as the others said about the light, if turning the switch doesn't work, there is a fluorescent starter behind that front cover that might be bad. Don't hesitate to call Service and the girls can help if needed.
  2. Date of machine?

    This machine was manufactured in 1993.
  3. Hi Pamela, Jenny who finalizes the orders is home sick today. I am sure she will be able to get you all handled tomorrow.
  4. So glad you like it Sheri!! I knew you would!
  5. Charlotte, NC.

    Safe travels Zeke! Look us up if we are out there working.
  6. No stitch regulator and I am not sure of the needle positioned, you might have to ask the customer on that.
  7. I am listing this for a customer Gaile Farmer from Wind Ridge, PA. This machine was re certified by APQS and sold to Gaile with a new 12' frame that is all bliss ready 3 years ago, so bliss can be added to this frame for $1,000. Customer needs to sell right away as she has to move and can't take machine with her. Has been used very little by customer. She is asking $3,000 or best offer. She does not have internet so please do not respond here. Her phone number is 724-428-3138 please call for questions.
  8. HI Debs, Try putting something under each foot of the leg of the machine as a buffer. The idea is we are taking any residual vibration that might be in the machine itself and dissipating it through the table frame. So if you are on concrete the vibration will reverberate right back at you. Either a piece of foam rubber or a carpet remnant under the 4 corners of the legs with buffer that vibration.
  9. Do you have the cream white buttons for the on/off on this U-I?
  10. Machine stopping - grounding wire issue?

    Betsy, Yes, I did mean the one in the first photo, but the pot in the second photo is fine too! You just need to connect that wire from the machine to somewhere on that carriage to get the proper grounding.
  11. Machine stopping - grounding wire issue?

    Betsy, The other end of that black grounding wire attaches to one of the black Allen head screws that hold the rear axle on to the carriage underneath. That will ground the carriage to the machine and should help!
  12. Lenni Roller Clamps

    Go to the hardware store and get some "blue" loctite, this is a liquid that you can put on the screw threads and when it dries it will hold the screw in place and won't let it loosen. That should do the trick.
  13. skipped stitches on top

    The U-II also has a spring loaded presser foot not a hopping foot. So if you don't have the foot low enough to maintain contact with your fabric that will also give you skipped stitches because the foot is not holding the fabric to complete the stitch.
  14. According to the photos on Ebay it is an U-I. Can't quite see it on the name plate, but I can tell by the motor that is on that machine as I use to wire those back in the day.