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  1. This is an old topic, but since it's been bumped up, that photo of a Featherweight on a handmade modification to a vehicle depicts an irresponsibly dangerous activity. In the event of an evasive maneuver or rear end collision, that machine is flying around the cab and/or that passenger's face is slammed into the machine In the event of a front end collision and airbag deployment, either the modification prevents proper deployment of the airbag OR the machine is explosively thrown into the passenger's chest/throat/face. The modification alone may have altered/damaged the airbag function of the vehicle. Don't do it.
  2. Why are you responding 4 years after the last post? And asking "what is your budget" is entirely reasonable to help someone find a machine.
  3. Retiming When and how should I retime Introduction to Timing
  4. You might want to search for videos on how to retime Lenni. Sounds like when you hit the ruler you knocked the timing out. I think APQS might have the retiming video on their site.
  5. So sorry to hear that for you :-( Have you tried HandiQuilter's board to post it? I am waiting (and hoping it's not too long) for the next Lenni or demo sale to get a 2020 Lenni with full warranty. I hear the next sale might be for the Lucey, which I don't have room for - wish I did but even the Lenni table is a squeeze in my space. Hopefully a fall Demo sale or a Lenni sale along with the Lucey one will happen soon.
  6. Another quick question - is there a PDF document anywhere that shows how to assemble the standard table? I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to routinely remove the 2 front poles for a smaller storage footprint when there isn't a quilt loaded and the machine isn't in use. Michelle
  7. Thanks @mark ! I just wanted to verify that 4'5" is the absolute minimum space a machine takes up when not used. I completely understand needing to have room around it to use it, but I'm trying to figure out "storage" footprint when not in use (every inch helps!) Michelle
  8. 2019 and newer APQS improvements The above should have some of the details to answer your questions :-) Throat design (more space) and LED lighting strip under the entire head (that switches to blacklight if needed) are 2 of them. Quick-change feet shaft as well.
  9. Are you looking at a new Millie or a pre-2019 one? There are some differences, especially relative to your questions. I'm guessing new, since you mention lifetime warranty. I'm curious (and we can take this offline) about your decision to go back to APQS from the Amara. I had been considering an Amara (and saw your ad) as a backup plan, but I have not been able to find one to try.
  10. Do you have an APQS dealer within reasonable driving distance so that you can see a Millie in person?
  11. I noticed mention on the website that APQS will do custom table lengths at no extra charge. Does anyone know if that includes doing an 11' one for the current Lenni? That's kind of the "Goldilocks" length for my space and quilting needs. I also see that the recommended space for a Lenni and table is 4'5" deep. Is this the maximum footprint needed for the equipment (not including space to stand in front)? Said another way, if the longarm wasn't being used and the table could be pushed on gliders or casters against a wall so the back of the carriage was not quite touching the wall, how far out from the wall would the backing bar be? Is it less that 4'5" when not in use? Hoping someone from APQS like @mark sees this.
  12. OP hasn't visited the board in 6 months - you might want to try sending them a PM through their profile.
  13. "ISO" generally means "in search of", so this doesn't appear to be a "for sale" ad, but rather a "wanted" ad.
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