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  1. This works with curling amish feathers, and should hopefully help you out.
  2. Box up the head, and check in as luggage. Then you only have to ship the table.
  3. Hope these help you out.
  4. The past four days has been Memorial Day weekend in the USA, so he may have been on extended holiday. Best of luck to you.
  5. Here is a link to Gammell's bobbin winder. It has the advantage that you can slow the winding speed down, so you can load monopoly (invisible) thread, without stretching the actual thread when it is filling the bobbin. That stretch can totally throw off your bottom tension, as the monopoly is trying to return to its natural state when unwinding off the bobbin. You can also find other bobbin winders of the same general design online, or even make one yourself.
  6. The price, where it is located, why you are selling, email address, and if you are willing to ship the items will be helpful to interested parties. Best of luck with selling your machine.
  7. Free: Angela Walters For a few dollars; You can ask questions from the instructor using this site.
  8. They have a FaceBook page, if it is the same company, If you post something there about them not replying to your phone calls, it may get them to contact you. Also, you may be able to dispute your charge if you used a credit card. Best of luck to you. Cagey
  9. Tyler Loy Enterprises a few circle templets by her also. I use these more for marking feather stems and other lines to freehand quilt. I also have Nested Leaves by Gadgets by Carol, but the link on the rulers is no longer valid. Shorter rulers that cover the area that fits your hand/quilt area seem to work better. Putting rubber cabinet door bumpers on the bottom of the rulers also help them grip the quilt sandwich. Best of luck finding what works best for you.
  10. If grip strength is the issue, you can use an offset screw driver handle, or even a 1/4 inch socket with philips socket. Any hardware store can set you up with the tools you need to repair you machine. You can gently tap the back of the driver/wrench as Nigel suggested to keep from stripping the screw heads. When you put the screws back in, use a small handle screw driver (NOT the pistol grip one) so you do not over tighten them, and they will come out easily in the future. Normally the smaller the handle the less grip and torque you can put on the screw Best of luck repairing your quilting machine.
  11. Just make sure it is secured to the ground.
  13. Ann, Why don't you post the pdf here?
  14. The manager at Diamond Needle Corp.; the largest distributer or sewing machine needles in the world, told me that titanium needles for normal sewers and quilters was all hype to sell more needles. He said titanium needles were more for industrialized situations where the machine was going to run at thousands of RPMs continuously for hours, if not days on end and the manufacturer could not afford even a few minutes of assembly line shutdown for needle replacement. He went on to tell me that most "manufacturer" needles are actually Organ needles. He suggested sewing and quilting on your DSM with top-stitch needles. Superior Thread makes this same suggestion. You can order from Diamond needle, though I believe the minimum order is 100 needles of each type.