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  1. If grip strength is the issue, you can use an offset screw driver handle, or even a 1/4 inch socket with philips socket. Any hardware store can set you up with the tools you need to repair you machine. You can gently tap the back of the driver/wrench as Nigel suggested to keep from stripping the screw heads. When you put the screws back in, use a small handle screw driver (NOT the pistol grip one) so you do not over tighten them, and they will come out easily in the future. Normally the smaller the handle the less grip and torque you can put on the screw Best of luck repairing your quilting machine.
  2. Cagey

    Quilting Shed Inspiration

    Just make sure it is secured to the ground.
  3. Cagey

    Scoop Foot?
  4. Ann, Why don't you post the pdf here?
  5. Cagey


    The manager at Diamond Needle Corp.; the largest distributer or sewing machine needles in the world, told me that titanium needles for normal sewers and quilters was all hype to sell more needles. He said titanium needles were more for industrialized situations where the machine was going to run at thousands of RPMs continuously for hours, if not days on end and the manufacturer could not afford even a few minutes of assembly line shutdown for needle replacement. He went on to tell me that most "manufacturer" needles are actually Organ needles. He suggested sewing and quilting on your DSM with top-stitch needles. Superior Thread makes this same suggestion. You can order from Diamond needle, though I believe the minimum order is 100 needles of each type.
  6. Cagey

    Pricing question on quilt

    As long as you completed the quilting in 17.1 hours, keeping a $20/hour income level, I believe you have nothing to worry about. You should not give away your talent unless you wish to as a gift, with no strings attached. If some cannot recognize this, then their loss.
  7. Gandddad; The For Sale post is over 9-years old, so I would hazard to guess they are no longer available. If you are specifically looking for the item, you might make a post asking if anyone has one, or maybe you will be lucky and someone will see your post and this reply. Take care, and Merry Christmas.
  8. Cagey

    2011 George With Tracey Table For Sale MA

    The table would probably cost about $400-500 to ship through a freight company. That should include pickup, boxing, placing on pallet, and shipping to local freight house for delivery to house. You have to unpack and get in your house. Freight company normally only places it on your driveway or in your garage.
  9. Jerralyn; I think the machine has been sold, as it was posted for sale 13 August 2007.
  10. Cagey

    How does one delete posts?

    I do not believe you can delete your thread. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Good if issues were discussed that may not directly address your issue or sale, then those posts or informational tidbits can still be found. It also gives both buyers and sells what items are going for on the site. Bad if your item has sold then your thread may continue to bump to the top of the page as individuals ask it the item is still for sale. I would suggest that "edit" the thread you wish to delete. You can edit the title and any items in your posts under the thread. For instance if you sold your Freedom, make the thread title "SOLD - Selling my Freedom". The put a final post at the bottom of the thread using 72 pitch, SOLD Just a suggestion.
  12. Not an official answer, only information for you to research and then discuss with your tax preparer. Any business can make contributions to charitable organizations but there may be limits on these deductions, and the contributions may only be deductible to the individual owners, not to the business. New Tax Law and Charitable Giving The 2017 tax reform law has changed the landscape of charitable giving. The standard deduction has almost doubled for 2018 and beyond. The new standard deduction is $12,000 for singles (up from $6,350 for 2017) and $24,000 for married couples who file jointly (up from $12,700). Table 1 far right column, Not Deductible As Charitable Contributions, Value of your time or services explains how to bunch charitable and possibly tax payments to exceed new IRS standard deduction limits every other year.
  13. Cagey

    Auto-Advance Pedals

    My personal belief is if the green pedal works, then it is not the motor brushes. I find it hard to believe the motors get exercised that much to wear them down. The brushes make the motor run. If they were bad, then the different switches would not matter. Why not post a picture of the white switch and someone may be able to suggest how to take it apart, to clean the internal contacts.
  14. Cagey

    Auto-Advance Pedals

    I suggest buying these two items; Disconnect the electrical connection, then place a rag under the male/female plugs to catch the overspray/drips. Spray both ends of the connectors. Once the male/female ends of the connectors have been cleaned, spray all connections with one of the sprays below. A little goes a LONG way. Once you hear the spurt of the spray, you have enough. If you cannot find either of them, just put the connectors back together. The spray is primarily for condensation build up that caused corrosion in basements or other humid areas with temperature swings. The electrical connections sweet just like a cold glass of water, which can cause corrosion between the contracts. probably easier to find than the one below. Buy this for anyone into cars, boats or other outdoor items. It is used on almost every electrical connection out there marine, vehicle, to aviation in the past 5 years or so. There is a drop of it on most high quality USB data sticks you buy. It is expensive, but a can will last a long time. If you have your quilt off, I would suggest pushing the button both fore and aft, so the switch gets exercised. Unless you quilt for a living the switch may have a little corrosion in the contacts, as it is not used that often and normally only for a few seconds at a time. Exercising the switch it will clean off the switch contact points. If you can find a someone to take apart the switch, they can spray the contact points with the electrical cleaner spray, which should help too. Best of luck to you.
  15. Bearding: If you have ever had a quilt beard, you know how frustrating and heart-wrenching it can be. Once that soft, wonderful batting is in the quilt, the last thing you want is to see little bits of it appear on the top. Bearding gets its name because back when poly fiber was stiff and horrible (think leisure suit) the fibers would poke through the fabric and then grow like an old man’s scruffy beard. Today’s Quilters Dream Batting fibers, even the poly fibers, are fine, thin, long, and soft, and naturally resist bearding. However, on the rare occasion given the wrong conditions, even the highest quality batting can sometimes beard. We have found that many high quality fabric manufacturers use a sulfur-based chemical in their dyeing process (especially when dying dark and vivid colors like reds and dark blues). The sulfur is very good for fabrics because the sulfur molecule is five-sided, which causes a strong bond and makes the colors very color-fast. The disadvantage to the “attraction” created by having 5 sides is that more surfaces promote static electricity. When you wear dark colors or a very vivid print, have you noticed that pet hairs and fuzz balls seem to stick to you? It isn’t your imagination – the sulfur has caused a static charge making everything stick. In quilting, the combination of motion (sewing), handling, and atmospheric conditions, especially dry climates or the dry winter heating, will cause the fibers of batting to ‘stand up’ like the hair on our arms and be drawn to the fabric. The solution is to break the static charge. You can use an anti-static spray, such as Static Guard both on finished and unfinished quilts. If you don’t have an anti-static spray, put a few anti-static dryer sheets in a spray bottle with water and sprits both the fabric and the batting (or the finished quilt). When you wash your quilt, use fabric softeners in the washer and anti-static sheets in the dryer. It is also helpful to remove the quilt from the dryer before it is totally dry and hang it. Do not store the finished quilt or your quilts-in-progress in regular plastic bags as this really promotes static electricity. Using a humidifier in the workplace not only cuts down on static, but is great for your skin! Pokies: You know what the pokies are – when the batting fibers pull through the fabric with your thread. I don’t know what the technical term is, but everyone seems to know about pokies. This is a different problem from bearding, but has the same result – seeing batting where you shouldn’t be seeing batting, on the outside of the quilt. The first thing to try when you have the pokies is to change the needle. It could be that your needle isn’t sharp enough or that there are barbs on your needle (even if you can’t feel them). A customer gave me a good suggestion, which is to take the needle and jab it through the layered quilt a few times before putting it in the machine, just to make sure it glides through and there are no barbs. She discovered that a couple of her needles had barbs that she could not even feel that were causing pokies on the back of her quilt. If you are using cotton thread, cotton fibers are curly and will grab the batting fibers if given the chance, so use a mercerized or coated thread. If you are using dark thread or fabric, give your thread a shot of anti-static spray as well as your fabric and batting. I will leave the benefits of using a high quality thread to the thread manufacturers’ sales teams, but you have been advised: use a quality thread and avoid a lot of headaches. If you have never had these problems, I pray that you never will! For the rest of you, I feel your pain and can sympathize. I hope this blog has helped!