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  1. Cagey

    Auto-Advance Pedals

    My personal belief is if the green pedal works, then it is not the motor brushes. I find it hard to believe the motors get exercised that much to wear them down. The brushes make the motor run. If they were bad, then the different switches would not matter. Why not post a picture of the white switch and someone may be able to suggest how to take it apart, to clean the internal contacts.
  2. Cagey

    Auto-Advance Pedals

    I suggest buying these two items; Disconnect the electrical connection, then place a rag under the male/female plugs to catch the overspray/drips. Spray both ends of the connectors. Once the male/female ends of the connectors have been cleaned, spray all connections with one of the sprays below. A little goes a LONG way. Once you hear the spurt of the spray, you have enough. If you cannot find either of them, just put the connectors back together. The spray is primarily for condensation build up that caused corrosion in basements or other humid areas with temperature swings. The electrical connections sweet just like a cold glass of water, which can cause corrosion between the contracts. probably easier to find than the one below. Buy this for anyone into cars, boats or other outdoor items. It is used on almost every electrical connection out there marine, vehicle, to aviation in the past 5 years or so. There is a drop of it on most high quality USB data sticks you buy. It is expensive, but a can will last a long time. If you have your quilt off, I would suggest pushing the button both fore and aft, so the switch gets exercised. Unless you quilt for a living the switch may have a little corrosion in the contacts, as it is not used that often and normally only for a few seconds at a time. Exercising the switch it will clean off the switch contact points. If you can find a someone to take apart the switch, they can spray the contact points with the electrical cleaner spray, which should help too. Best of luck to you.
  3. Bearding: If you have ever had a quilt beard, you know how frustrating and heart-wrenching it can be. Once that soft, wonderful batting is in the quilt, the last thing you want is to see little bits of it appear on the top. Bearding gets its name because back when poly fiber was stiff and horrible (think leisure suit) the fibers would poke through the fabric and then grow like an old man’s scruffy beard. Today’s Quilters Dream Batting fibers, even the poly fibers, are fine, thin, long, and soft, and naturally resist bearding. However, on the rare occasion given the wrong conditions, even the highest quality batting can sometimes beard. We have found that many high quality fabric manufacturers use a sulfur-based chemical in their dyeing process (especially when dying dark and vivid colors like reds and dark blues). The sulfur is very good for fabrics because the sulfur molecule is five-sided, which causes a strong bond and makes the colors very color-fast. The disadvantage to the “attraction” created by having 5 sides is that more surfaces promote static electricity. When you wear dark colors or a very vivid print, have you noticed that pet hairs and fuzz balls seem to stick to you? It isn’t your imagination – the sulfur has caused a static charge making everything stick. In quilting, the combination of motion (sewing), handling, and atmospheric conditions, especially dry climates or the dry winter heating, will cause the fibers of batting to ‘stand up’ like the hair on our arms and be drawn to the fabric. The solution is to break the static charge. You can use an anti-static spray, such as Static Guard both on finished and unfinished quilts. If you don’t have an anti-static spray, put a few anti-static dryer sheets in a spray bottle with water and sprits both the fabric and the batting (or the finished quilt). When you wash your quilt, use fabric softeners in the washer and anti-static sheets in the dryer. It is also helpful to remove the quilt from the dryer before it is totally dry and hang it. Do not store the finished quilt or your quilts-in-progress in regular plastic bags as this really promotes static electricity. Using a humidifier in the workplace not only cuts down on static, but is great for your skin! Pokies: You know what the pokies are – when the batting fibers pull through the fabric with your thread. I don’t know what the technical term is, but everyone seems to know about pokies. This is a different problem from bearding, but has the same result – seeing batting where you shouldn’t be seeing batting, on the outside of the quilt. The first thing to try when you have the pokies is to change the needle. It could be that your needle isn’t sharp enough or that there are barbs on your needle (even if you can’t feel them). A customer gave me a good suggestion, which is to take the needle and jab it through the layered quilt a few times before putting it in the machine, just to make sure it glides through and there are no barbs. She discovered that a couple of her needles had barbs that she could not even feel that were causing pokies on the back of her quilt. If you are using cotton thread, cotton fibers are curly and will grab the batting fibers if given the chance, so use a mercerized or coated thread. If you are using dark thread or fabric, give your thread a shot of anti-static spray as well as your fabric and batting. I will leave the benefits of using a high quality thread to the thread manufacturers’ sales teams, but you have been advised: use a quality thread and avoid a lot of headaches. If you have never had these problems, I pray that you never will! For the rest of you, I feel your pain and can sympathize. I hope this blog has helped!
  5. Cagey

    George Deluxe Table

    Echo; If you are talking about the old style fold out table with drawers, folded the table is 62"Lx24"Wx28"T with the wheels off. It is 31" tall with the casters on. The casters just push into the bottom of the table, and come out with a firm tug. With the wheels off, the one my friend sold recently fit easily with the head and other items in the back of a Subaru Forester.
  6. I am looking for a M sized TOWA gauge for a friend of mine if any of you have one sitting around that you want to part with. Thank you. Cagey
  7. Sale Pending. Will update if any changes. Happy for the seller and the soon to be George owner/APQS family member. Have a great day. Cagey
  8. She is still for sale with table and other accessories, if you are interested, please PM. Cagey
  9. Jessica; Since you posted this in response to my reply on a different thread, here is the link for all to read; Maybe you could explain exactly who owns the DeLoa's Quilt Shop business, as there appears to be a great deal of nepotism between the two businesses. If your brother owns the business, unfortunately until he changes the name of the business, he is stuck dealing with Dave and DeLoa's actions, which would seem to be harming his good name, as it is yours. Merriam-Webster defines libel as "a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression". Unfortunately for you, the truth is not libel or "borderline libelous". You clearly have allow your good business name to be association with another company that appears to not provide such good customer service. If not, how do you explain your name branded merchandise being sold on a competitors website? That is not I am seeing being advertised. Checking your website, you are not selling other company's books/tools on your website; You keep blame your father, but Judi has clearly stated your mother; DeLoa, was involved in this less then stellar sale. Since you have called me cowardly, lets see how Merriam-Webster defines coward; "one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity", and defines cowardly as "in a cowardly manner". I am far from cowardly, and not a fragile wall flower quilter. I honorably served our great nation in the military, and faced our enemies in battle. I have lost many comrades in arms, and attended numerous funerals grieving their loss. While I suggested that Judi write a new forum thread clearly spelling our her poorly handles transaction, I did not expect that she would edit her thread to include all the suggested tags. I on the other hand, come the close of business Friday, intend to write my own thread asking why any business would associate themselves with another individual/business that clearly takes advantage of quilters. My post will include numerous tags, so internet searches educate prospective customers, and help them steer clear bad businesses, and their antics. How does "Quilters protecting Quilters" sound for a title. Hey it is the season of good cheer, maybe you can ask your mother to "rectify the situation" for Judi. You said it is what she does. If DeLoa is as quick to respond to bad customers reviews as you, Judi should have her Millie up and running in no time. Take care, and have a wonderful day. Cagey
  10. Cagey

    Just saying hi!

    Heidi; Glad to see you back, and more importantly to hear the twins are doing well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cagey
  11. Cagey

    True 1/4" foot

    Kathi; I am glad the post helped you out. Cagey
  12. Cagey

    I made a massive mistake

    Jessica; You came into the situation by association. An association, which it appears you fully support, and more so promote. I find it interesting, as within 3 hours of me suggesting to Judi that she tag the name of your “Jessica’s Edge” and “Jessica’s Orbiter” rulers that you question why your name is being brought into a business transaction that you have nothing to do with. Could it be because you are concerned about the good name of your business? The exact reason Judi needs to update her tags to this thread, and to warn potential customers of Dave and DeLoa business practices. Here is why I mentioned your rulers, I took the time to re-read what you had wrote in April 2017 concerning contacting your father, and more importantly I took the time to carefully read Judi’s post. In bold is what caught my attention. Are saying that Judi is telling a false truth, when she writes that she worked with both Dave and DeLoa? You now share with us that your rulers are made by your bother, and that he runs your mother’s website. Below is a picture I captured from your mother’s website, and which I might point out is still active at this posting. What company name is that? While your brother may manufacture your rulers, I hazard to guess that Jessica Gomez (you) had to give both David Jr. (your brother) and DeLoa (your mother) permission to sell your product on their website, and to more importantly associate your good name with their business practices. If Dave and DeLoa are not doing good business, and taking advantage of the proverbial "little old quilter", you just may not wish to be associated with them business wise. Si cum canibus concumbunt, cum pulicibus expectamus surgere. Cagey
  13. Cagey

    I made a massive mistake

    Judi; It is truly sad to learn that Jessica; Dave's and DeLoa's daughter comes her to post to make it sound that her father is acting outside of the family business, and even states "to not do business with him." It made it sound that DeLoa was no longer working with Dave. Now you share that DeLoa and Dave came to your home, and setup a defective Millie. Now that they have received payment in full, they no longer return your calls or attempt to correct any issues. That being said, when you post your new thread, I would "tag" it with DeLoas Quilt Studio, Dee's Studio light, DeLoa's Boomerang, Boomerang, DeLoa's Angle Angel, Angle Angel, DeLoa's Appliguide, Appiquide, DeLoa's Puzzle Pearls, Puzzle Pearls, DeLoa's Rope-a-Dope, Rope-a-Dope, DeLoa's Clamsheller, Clamsheller, DeLoa's Wave, Wave, DeLoa's Castle, Castle, DeLoa's Little-One, Little-One, little one, DeLoa's Circle buster, circle buster. You can also include Jessica's Edge, and Jessica's Orbiter. While they are the daughter's rulers, and has her name on them, one would guess if they are going to recommend not doing business with the father, that they would have their products removed from their internet store site. You can also try posting a review on Yelp or other online review sites. Unfortunately, as they do not have a physical presence that I can find, it may be difficult to write a customer review and warn potential victims. Never the less, with all this potential tags, Dave Jones reputation should be rather shot her on the APQS forum. Looking forward to reading your newest thread concerning Dave and DeLoa. Please let us know who things work out getting your Millie up and running. Cagey
  14. A quilting friend of mine in the Cocoa Florida area is putting her George up for sale. She is asking $3,300 for all itemes included. The buyer is responsible for shipping and handling, if not picked up locally. The seller will work with any company you may hire to pack and ship the items. She does not have the original George shipping box. She is selling it as she purchased a computer guided Gammell, and George is now sitting off to the side not being used much. She was the second owner. The first lady purchased the George when her mother had died. She used it for her own private quilts a few years. My friend purchased it when her father died, and the lady who originally owned it decided freemotion quilting just was not her thing. George was not used commercially by either quilter. I used this George prior to purchasing mine, to make sure it was a machine I wanted to step up to. It worked, and continues to work great. The light was upgraded about a year and a half ago, to the new white/blacklight LED lights by the needle. Also included is a APQS Turbowinder, an extra "L" bobbin case or two, Emergency break down kit (thread big tails, extra screws, fuses), plus bobbins, owners manual, original gooseneck light, horizontal spool holder, and a few other assorted quilting items. George sits in the original expandable table, so you end up with approximately 6 x 4 feet of table to fluff and stuff your quilt top. Helps make it move freely under the needle area. If you have any questions or comments, please post or PM me. The seller is not that computer literate, and she is now quilting commercial after purchasing the Gammill. Thus the reason for me posting the sale for her. It has been well cared for by both quilters. Have a wonderful day. Cagey Also included is a goose neck lamp that as I remember attaches to the vertical bar over the needle bar area. It normally plugged into the outlet on the rear of George, but she stopped using it once she upgraded to the new LED lighting over the needle.