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  1. I will say, it was SUPER offputting for the FIRST question to be what's your price range? Like am I at a car dealership right now? Like if you've got enough, I'll sell you mine? Such a bummer, because I really leaned on this site for MONTHS trying to become educated on such a big step. If budget was first I would have said it, it was not, I said WHISTLES. Bought from Karen McTavish, a Sweet Millie Dream. In 2014. Same year I asked. Never Been Sorry. Don't get notifications on this thread, if I knew to delete it, I certainly woul
  2. The listing says a Millenium frame, but photo shows 'Momentum'. Can you assemble for demonstration?
  3. Will you match the price on the one listed above? I'll fly to get it!
  4. I'm interested in this and have sent an email. Please contact me! Thank you!
  5. It's Time for Me! Need a Cared for Millennium or Gammill. I'm in Tulsa, so proximity is important for me! The sooner the better! Thank you!
  6. Would you do a demo lesson or two? How far are you from the nearest airport please?
  7. I AM VERY VERY INTERESTED IN THIS MACHINE! What major airport are you near please? Is it set up to demo? Are you available tomorrow, or Tuesday! Could you please send other photos (one's upside down) and one of the frame! I'M SO EXCITED I FOUND YOU!! Thank you Pam Tulsa OK
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