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  1. Waiting to hear if you are selling Circle Lord boards separately. So sorry for your loss...
  2. Machine lighting kudo

    Can you tell us the link to his sight?
  3. metal bobbins

    I could use some of the same bobbins if you want to get rid of any of them. L aluminum bobbins with the little slit in the side. Thanks!
  4. If you look at the vendor list for the Madison Expo, APQS is there. Another idea, much sooner than the September show is checked out APQS road shows. They maybe having one near you, and you can get a great deal on new machines. I bought a 2007 Millie about 1 1/2 yrs ago. I upgraded to a Bliss. APQS has great service!
  5. Groovy Boards

    Teresa, Let us know what boards you have to sell. Thanks! Judy
  6. Need some help with this

    I had a quilt that looked a lot like that, given to me when I bought my long arm. I pressed as well as I could. It was a black and white log cabin. I did all white thread with baptist fan circle lord boards. It surprised me on how well it turned out. It laid well and only a couple little folds in the log cabins.. That certainly helped build my confidence in quilting.
  7. Dell, I like how you are changing the pattern as you progress out from the center, but are keeping a consistency in the overall look. Nice! Judy
  8. Thanks for showing how you are doing this. As a newbie, I love seeing everyone's quilts, but have so much to learn to get to that level. Seeing the sequence of your quilting is very helpful. I have a huge quilt yet to do that is a carpenters star, so maybe I can apply this method to that? Beautiful quilting! Judy
  9. I am interested in the Milky Way boards. Do you have the Milky Way 12 or15? Where are you located? Thanks! Judy
  10. Time to look at Circlelord Giant Templates

    I just used my Egyptian Eye tonight, just received on Tuesday. I finished the largest quilt yet with that one. Love the look.. I love all the boards I have. Thank you Michael!
  11. Quiltingboard.com has tons of pictures, people, tutorials to learn from. Great for learning and seeing examples of quilts and quilting. Good luck!
  12. MQS in Cedar Rapids

    I'm going, but haven't registered for classes yet. My daughter lives in Cedar Rapids, so I'll have a place to stay. It should be fun! Judy
  13. Started a new quilt

    Very nice quilting. Are you doing this freehand, stencils, computer? I would love to be able to quilt like that. Someday....in my dreams. Judy
  14. Angela, I wish you were coming to the MQS show in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I would definitely take that class. Sorry, won't make it to MQX. I may order a set of your Dvd's. They sound helpful. Jennifer, Thanks for the info about the TA. I remember reading about it last fall. I'll check into that. Thanks everyone. I bought sketch pads yesterday, in preparation of this show. Can't wait!!! Judy
  15. Thanks for the suggestions! There are a lot of teachers and classes. Hopefully, I can pick some helpful classes. Thanks!