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  1. Thank you for your support. Kay an I have got so much pleasure from working with so many talented people over the past 15 years. So many have told us that our Giant boards have let them continue to quilt after suffering from arthritis and back pain. Cheers, Michael and Kay
  2. Hi, It has been a long hot summer and my grass is green again. It is time for you to think about what Circlelord products can do for you. Such as just making life easier, and more money from your quilting business. Let's hear from Circlelord users about your experience, good , or bad. Even if you have sold your CL tools and have gone to a computer system. Please tell new longarmers how much help a couple of Giant boards will be to your ego, and get your partner off your back about the "big investment". You know he wanted a boat! Thank you, Michael
  3. Meg, Sorry, but it will work only on the APQS Millie. The Lenni has a different setup. Michael
  4. Carol, When you get Bliss, you can get the Front stylus and put your CL on the front. Most APQS users do this anyways. Check out http://circlelordfront.blogspot.ca Email or call me for more information.
  5. Becky , Turn it around and have the fillers at the bottom. Start your quilt with just a little part of the filler used. This way you will not have an open space at the beginning of the quilt. For the second pass of the board, use the Registration Hole under the 3rd spiral to align the nest pass. Check both ends for alignment in case you are rolling up un eveningly. Just write or call if you have any other questions.
  6. Hi, Just came across this picture of a carved stone in front of an 5000 year old Irish tomb at Newgrange. So the CL Swirls is also a Celtic pattern.
  7. Hi, Please take a look at our Spot Sale on Facebook. www.facebook.com/Circlelord-loricles-242624639251739/timeline Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all. Michael and Kay
  8. Hi, Take a look at our new Website and Facebook. http://loriclesquilting.com Link also at bottom of this note. October sale posted on Website Home page. Special 1/2 price on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Circlelord-Loricles-242624639251739/timeline/ Please "like" the Facebook page. Thank you,
  9. Hi, thank you for looking at the new website (under construction). It will appear as a Store Front for ordering, but it is not. It does not accept payment. You will use it to make up a wish list that can be emailed to me and then I can send a quote with discounts and shipping. If you are a new customer, you can send your wish list and then we can talk on the phone to discuss your needs and payment plan. I have talked to just about everyone before setting up an order. This information will be added to the website shortly. Cheers, MIchael
  10. Sue, The website for now is http://circlelordindex.blogspot.ca We are working on a new for November, as well as updated Facebook Thank you all for caring. Cheers, MIchael
  11. Marti, Use Super or Crazy glue. Watch the fingers. Michael
  12. Hi, Last week I got an order for Giant Boards from a lady in Texas who had heard about them from another lady in her town. She ordered 4 and a Stylus set for her Gammill. She had never seen or heard of them before. Here is a note from her. "My boards arrived about 6 this evening and after getting the stylus and one set up, I have quilted half a top !!!! I love it and am wondering which one to get next. ) Wish I had these about 20 years ago." Doris Hollister "I finished that top this morning and then did a Christmas table cloth. Used two of the patterns. Really love them!!!" Doris Please take a look again at our Giant Boards. You don't have to wait 20 years. Web page address below. Thank you, Michael
  13. Hi, Circlelord Boards are on sale now. Up to 20% off. Check it out at Circlelord Introduction address below. Thank You, Michael Call 1 866 510 6060
  14. Hi, In case you have not looked at our Circlelord Information and Pricelist lately, See below for address) the Circlelord Basic + is now $249.00 US$ Just call 1 866 510 6060 toll free, or email loricles@loriclesquilting.com for more information Up to 20% off our templates and boards. Cheers, Michael
  15. Jennifer, You can use your QZ stylus with this one, no problem. Don't forget to ask for a discount. Michael
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