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  1. Thank you for your support. Kay an I have got so much pleasure from working with so many talented people over the past 15 years. So many have told us that our Giant boards have let them continue to quilt after suffering from arthritis and back pain. Cheers, Michael and Kay
  2. Hi, It has been a long hot summer and my grass is green again. It is time for you to think about what Circlelord products can do for you. Such as just making life easier, and more money from your quilting business. Let's hear from Circlelord users about your experience, good , or bad. Even if you have sold your CL tools and have gone to a computer system. Please tell new longarmers how much help a couple of Giant boards will be to your ego, and get your partner off your back about the "big investment". You know he wanted a boat! Thank you, Michael
  3. Sue, The website for now is http://circlelordindex.blogspot.ca We are working on a new for November, as well as updated Facebook Thank you all for caring. Cheers, MIchael
  4. Marti, Use Super or Crazy glue. Watch the fingers. Michael
  5. Hi, Last week I got an order for Giant Boards from a lady in Texas who had heard about them from another lady in her town. She ordered 4 and a Stylus set for her Gammill. She had never seen or heard of them before. Here is a note from her. "My boards arrived about 6 this evening and after getting the stylus and one set up, I have quilted half a top !!!! I love it and am wondering which one to get next. ) Wish I had these about 20 years ago." Doris Hollister "I finished that top this morning and then did a Christmas table cloth. Used two of the patterns. Really love them!!!" Doris Please take a look again at our Giant Boards. You don't have to wait 20 years. Web page address below. Thank you, Michael
  6. Hi, I'm posting this for Vicki Nielsen from BC, Canada. This is the best example I have of the power of the Swirls. Thank you Vicki. I have a description from Vicki, but cannot paste it for some reason. It is 108" by 114".
  7. Joann, Thank you for posting the medallion patterns on your website. Some people don't have Excel, so I suggest that they take a look at your pages. Medallions made easy. If you have any questions just write. Use EMAIL button below. Cheers, Michael
  8. Hi, Just email me, and I will send you free Circle Lord Medallion design software. It will be in MS Excel as an attachment. Gary Covington III developed this for Darlene. You should have more than Dial-up to receive the file. Please, tell me your name, Machine, and if you have the Circle Lord. Email: Loricles@loriclesquilting.com by clicking on Email below
  9. Carole The Circle Lord is made for A1, APQS, Gammill, HQ16, Kenquilt, Nolting , Prodigy, Proto, and many variations of the above brands. There is a separate 25 page manual for each model as well as a 40 minute video CD. The Webshot albums have over 500 pictures of Circle Lord quilts or template designs, and the Loricles website gives more details. The Circle Lord News Blog keeps you up to date on new products and quilt projects by CL owners. We have personal customer service available 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. http://www.circlelord.blogspot.com/ Cheers, Michael
  10. Hi, The Circle Lord diagonal is made with either a 12" or 18" template. The small template has 1/2 inch separation and the 18" has 1 inch separation. You can do 2" crosshatching by using every second line. If you want to do 3 inch or some other separation, you can use one groove and move the CL using the tape measure on the table. The CL uses a groove, which ease of control when moving up and down. When you wish to crosshatch you just lift the template and turn it 90 degrees and you will have perfect crosshatching. If you don't like starts and stops on the border, you can stitch in the ditch to the next line. This works best on busy patterned fabric. Cheers, Michael
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