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  1. Mary Beth

    Millie Give Away

    None of us won!!!!
  2. Mary Beth


    Bwahaha....I hear ya!!! I give up. Yes...Congratulations to are going to love your Millie.
  3. Mary Beth

    Millie Sweepstakes

    Oh my gosh....I was totally faithful to registering every day for the Millie. Then I think life got in the way. I don't know if I have registered every day
  4. My favorite machine ever is a vintage Singer 301. A little larger than a Featherweight, I think it is 17 pounds. It stiches way faster than the Featherweight. I sold 2 Featherweights and now have 5 301s.
  5. Several years ago, when MQS was here in Overland Park, KS, the APQS chat people decided to meet. I set up a table with a big sign. We all decided to wear APQS blue ribbons to identify ourselves. That was 11 years or so ago (wow, that is crazy), and we have some lifelong friendships because of it. I highly recommend getting together no matter which model you own.
  6. Mary Beth

    My studio is getting a facelift

    Wow!! We just never forget. Lol. I remember the panic in my mind wondering how the EMTs would get my body half way out of the attic/garage, and place me gently on the gerney. Lol. There is still a hole, and the sheetrock that I tried to put back. Oh boy....them were the days.
  7. Mary Beth

    My studio is getting a facelift

    Safety first! Lol
  8. Mary Beth

    My studio is getting a facelift

    Yes! Someone pointed out that I would have room for 2 machines.
  9. Mary Beth

    My studio is getting a facelift

    We have decided that it was time for a redo. We tore out a bar that was along 2 walls, about 15 feet long. Started ripping off paneling. Putting up sheet rock. We are moving equipment all the time, but we are getting there.
  10. Mary Beth

    Millie Sweepstakes

    I love this!! Only one math problem to get you in!! Thank you for that APQS!!
  11. Mary Beth

    Millie Sweepstakes

    Since my name is not David....then no I just have a butterflies...or jitters from too much coffee, not sure which.
  12. Mary Beth

    Millie Sweepstakes

    Yes, I am happy they do this so often too. Sounds like you are ready for a Millie!!
  13. Mary Beth

    Millie Sweepstakes

    I will end up buying one too. Just gotta try
  14. Mary Beth

    Millie Sweepstakes

    Absolutely!!! If I win, you can come up anytime to play. We would have way too much fun.