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  1. Actually, I just sold all of the accessories for the machine, so all I have left is the machine. The person who purchased is on this forum, so I will send her a message. She already has the up front system so she is willing to sell. I will send her a text and have her get in touch.
  2. Yes, it has been listed on the We Love APQS page for several weeks. I have it on Market Place on several pages and one Craigslist. I have had a few people contact me. Hopefully soon.
  3. Hi Bill, No, I have not sold my machine. I really want to sell everything together, because I don't want to mess with shipping everything individually. It is a good price, I think, for everything, but would be a little much for just the mI achine only. With everything included one could start a home based business. I will probably break it up an sell each piece.
  4. Hello.  Are you still on here?  I have a question about Circlelord.

    1. Mary Beth

      Mary Beth

      Hi Lita.....since you posted this about 3 months ago I am guessing you already have your answer, if not, how can I help you? (Sorry)

  5. Maybe someday, but not yet. I have a buyer that has contacted me and it is all currently a deal. I also am not thrilled with dealing with selling everything individually. I can let you know later if that is okay.
  6. 2009 APQS Freedom, aka Freddie, is for sale. If you are local to Kansas City, MO, I would be happy to deliver, set it up, and give you lessons. This machine has glide and is on the newer bliss table. It does not have the quilt advance feature. Included are 100 machine needles, aluminum bobbins, turbo bobbin winder, prewound bobbins, extra pigtails, extra bobbin case. Cash, no payments. I purchased this machine as a factory certified used machine almost 5 years ago. I have quilted about 10 quilts. I have never had to make any adjustments, the stitches are beautiful. $8000.00
  7. Just dropped in to say 'hey'. I am on FB, but I loved the original forum, or I guess it was original...it was the forum in and around 2004 or so. We had so much fun back then. There were some quacks here and there....what was the guy's name Shana who got mad when you told that hysterical joke about your car breaking down or running into another car....anyway it had to do with the guy in the other car being a midget. It was a very funny joke, but he took offense and sent me some terrible personal messages....the only time I thought Rod was going to visit a quilter besides me, lol. I forget to visit this forum.
  8. Bwahaha....I hear ya!!! I give up. Yes...Congratulations to Georgene...you are going to love your Millie.
  9. Oh my gosh....I was totally faithful to registering every day for the Millie. Then I think life got in the way. I don't know if I have registered every day
  10. My favorite machine ever is a vintage Singer 301. A little larger than a Featherweight, I think it is 17 pounds. It stiches way faster than the Featherweight. I sold 2 Featherweights and now have 5 301s.
  11. Several years ago, when MQS was here in Overland Park, KS, the APQS chat people decided to meet. I set up a table with a big sign. We all decided to wear APQS blue ribbons to identify ourselves. That was 11 years or so ago (wow, that is crazy), and we have some lifelong friendships because of it. I highly recommend getting together no matter which model you own.
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